“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Watched pot never boils…

It is a sunny Sunday in the State of Michigan and what a week it has been. I really don’t mind the cold and snow as it sets me about focusing upon reading, writing and tasks that can normally be distracted by other outside activities. It was a week of many phone meetings and lots of tasks on the TO DO list.  I’m excited to see the direction of many of our projects. On the CDI site http://www.cdiproductions.com a new development page showcases many of the projects.

Before we jump into all the movie stuff  I think it’s worth noting the incredible events in Egypt. I would have to say that if I was a dictator I would be packing my bags. Much like the changes that literacy brought here in the US –  social networking is unifying the voices of the down trodden. Also unlike the head chopping past of the french revolution if those in charge do indeed listen it seems a peaceful transition can be had.  Other highlights recently included the great Detroit Superbowl commercial that illustrated the strong character of the Michigan worker. We work hard here and often without the ego and glitz seen elsewhere.

OK now onto some film news –

– I saw that “BOOK OF RUTH” is playing TBN for Valentines Day. Check your local listing.

– I had a nice interview come out yesterday with online mag Geek Tyrant


– Also the announcement of “Darkest Night” the horror film I’ve signed onto was announced here and in Asia yesterday with their 1st PR send out. It is also the 1st Internationally associated CDI production. CDI will assist in domestic distribution set up. Here are a few of the link sites that carried the release.


The film which shoots in April also has a new facebook site –


Now while new production is always exciting it is even more exciting to see products heading out to you audiences.

– RENOVATION http://www.renovationthemovie.com will be getting some PR out there on the 1st theatrical showings while we start are 1st screenings with distributors. The goal is a Halloween release.

– “Outside the Wire” the Afghanistan doc starts additional send outs this week and we’ll get you the upcoming show times for the World Premiere at the 35th Cleveland Film Festival.

– Jon Osman director of “Benjamin” said score is done and only sound design awaits. I’m pushing for an official trailer.

– “Locked in a Room” continues with sound design as well. I would love to get a trailer for this film out to you soon as well.

To be honest I’m feeling a little burned out on typing/writing this week. I’ve also been putting a few hours into this other “Elvis” theme script, working sales team, Film PR, letter to governor of tax incentives, contracts, proposals, meeting notes…


I’ll be back to my creative writing self in no time. Practically every project I have on the board is making steps forward. They’re all moving their way steadily towards production. I credit the progress to the growing Collective Development Inc. family.

The Company and myself now both have a new facebook site. I registered my facebook under my legal name and I’ve never been able to change it. Now fans might be able to find their way a little easier.

New CDI facebook


Official DJ Perry facebook


Well, I hope you all have a great week ahead. Strive to achieve a good balance between your self time and the productive work time. For the many of you out there who are seeking work – block off time to “work it” and do just that. WORK IT! Once that time is done – garden, play a sport, spend time with family – balance it. I know many people out there craving work (I’ve been there and still have slow times) and obsessing can lead folks to depression. Part of what you bring to your characters in a role is your experience. So make time to experience. Shut down that computer, put that phone on a charger and explore. This will make you work more focused during the time you assign for work. It will also allow you to mentally relax and recharge. A watched pot never boils. You have to give the universe time to turn and make things happen. If you’ve put in the effort, honest effort – it will start to develop. Be open to what is brought before you. What you think you want and what opportunity presents may be two different things. Sometimes you have to flow…

Have a flowing good week!


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