“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Break from the Snow

What a nice break from the snow we’ve had. A few really nice warm days that melted the snow and showed the green world beneath. I fired up the grill and cooked some chops, potatoes and onions the other night. Also had a meeting sitting out on the porch with my post supervisor Dennis Therrian. Anyone looking for some dependable post work edit, music, sound design feel free to drop me an email. It was still nippy and the snow is supposed to fall again today but we saw a glimpse of what lies ahead.


It was a busy week and the hazelnut coffee kept me flowing. I had interviews on Geek Tyrant and CFDB come out. Google either of these with my name and it should pop up. Also a nice announcement about the RENOVATION theatrical in March hit many of the fanzines. This week a reveal of the new RESURRECTION poster will go out. The director spoke with me and it looks like end of March I’m back in Vegas. Following that back home to Michigan for a few weeks before off to Asia on DARKEST NIGHT which also did their 1st major press release along with poster art. Just google my name with DARKEST NIGHT and read all about it.  It will be a cool project for sure.

OUTSIDE THE WIRE – Our 1st premiere looks to be the 35th Cleveland Film Festival and if I can I plan to attend. 3/29 and 3/31 are the screening dates. The other festivals invite  is the Philadelphia CineFest, April 7-14, 2011. If you would like additional information about the film festival, visit at www.phillycinema.org. We are shopping for the right network as we speak.

BOOK OF RUTH played TV across the country and is popping up on several new channels. GPS is supposed to hit the CHILLER network in April. I’m excited to see so much of our product going to TV.

On http://www.djperryfanclub.com Pepper has recently posted a new Leading Lady Ms Melissa Ferraro whom I was so honored to co-star with in BENJAMIN the NYC film we shot last Summer. Check her page out @ http://www.djperryfanclub.com/Mel.html

We will soon be announcing some other CDI Co-Productions and some of the projects can be seen on the http://www.cdiproductions.com site. Also the commercial side of CDI from Making of’s to online infomercials is getting up to speed. Meeting next week with new members of the CDI tribe. Some good announcements here soon!

I got an update again that LOCKED IN A ROOM and BENJAMIN are getting closer to being completed. Time to put a few more films in the can to be worked on!

I’m signing off for now. My last comments are on the Michigan tax incentives. I wrote an open letter to the Governor and while many fear that come Sept/Oct that the rebate may end I think it will likely get adjusted. I see many folks struggling under the State’s attempts to balance budgets that have long been out of whack. It’s going to hit certain people harder depending on where your career/interests lie. I do know that all these people are trying their best to make our economy stronger. Politics – not an easy job.

Happy Sunday to all!


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