“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Life Changes Can Be Sudden or Slow…

Not sure how to even start this blog. I will start by saying that my heart goes out to Japan and the folks caught up in all that chaos. To think that these people were going about their own lives when all of a sudden EVERYTHING changed. I’ve been in two different earthquakes before. One was my 1st trip to California when I went out to read for Scream 2 and was in Venice Beach when it hit. It was early in the morning and after a night of beers I awoke to the bed shaking like THE EXORCIST.

The second time was much worse because I was in the shower at my buddy’s place in Marina Del Ray, California. It was something I’ll never forget as the floor moved and the glass sliding door shook like crazy. I thought to myself that I could be found trapped naked under rubble because we were on the second floor. My point is I can relate a little bit to what happen on a very small scale. And the water rush could have happened in California if the quake would have originated out at sea. You never know when your life may turn on a dime so live well

This weekend we had our first theatrical showings in Yuma, AZ of “Renovation” and I’m waiting to hear the feedback from our associates down there. We’re planning to set up more screenings and our 1st reaction from distributors has been very good. I have more  talks this week with companies interested in distribution.

I was sent my updated scenes for the final Las Vegas filming. I believe their pre-prod starts tomorrow and so I will be heading west soon to complete “Resurrection” filming. I’ll have about two weeks to prep for “Darkest Night” upon return from Vegas and I’m excited about “Darkest Night”. It ‘s a very good script and will be the first of several associated film projects.

I’m also waiting to see if we get the news concerning “Silver Lake” re-set at week’s end. I know that they are working hard to get that project back in action. I wish that better communication was flowing from that camp but I do know the effort is underway.

I’ve also been approached about co-starring in a powerful drama for TV and I like the script. Right now I’m looking at my schedule and trying to see when I could shoot it. I’m stuck waiting on Vegas to get me my new shoot dates.

We’re having great development action on “Holly, Jingles and Clyde,” “Sherwood Horror,” “Wild Michigan,” “Long Road Home,” “Stranglehold” and more…keep following http://www.cdiproductions.com for updates.

I’m also waiting to see if I can attend the festival premiere of “Outside the Wire, the Forgotten Children of Afghanistan” playing the 35th Cleveland Film Festival. This again depends on the Vegas dates.

I have to believe that all the chips will fall as they are intended to. I had a great lunch with a business mentor of mine on friday who recently turned 85 years old. One day all the things we put so much concern in will gradually give way to just the slowing flow of life. Money loses value, no ambitious drive for recognition – just the simply joys of flowers, birds and loved ones.  So as we go about our days chasing our dreams enjoy that journey because one day things may change quickly as in Japan or slowly as age overtakes us.

Be good to one another.


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