“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Don’t take your Blessings for Granted

Despite all the crazy goings-on’s in the world it was a good week of business. I’ve got my hands full at all phases of production. Acting-wise I’m three projects deep and I think I leave at week’s end to finish the 1st one. That one is the Las Vegas “Resurrection” the 1st of a series of films that deals with these demon hunters dealing with the unholy aligned with the mafia. I’ve cut the facial hair back to my RHYS character and so watch out DEMONS:)

Last week I had great conversations with distributors over RENOVATION and OUTSIDE THE WIRE along with the foreign sales aspects of a couple CDI films. This could affect some development as well since one of the films in talks is AN ORDINARY KILLER and that brought A STATE OF HATE into the mix.

I’ve had talks with studio executives over a couple CDI developing projects HOLLY, JINGLES and CLYDE  and WILD MICHIGAN. Development association deals were made with Dean Teaster’s new film LONG ROAD HOME and CDI alumni Stuart MacDonald who will be getting involved with SECONDARY HEROES. CDI’s 1st International association begins with DARKEST NIGHT getting buzz across Asia. It will start shooting late April and final casting and crewing is underway. If you live in the Philippines and possible want to get involved let me know.

Outside of the movie world I’ve been working hard to clean up the yard burning leaves, sticks and getting things ready before I have to go film. The full moon last night and the mild warmth over the weekend  was just wonderful. I’m prepping for some Spring gardening, wine making, soccer and of course… grilling and chilling with family and friends.

Send your best wishes to the people of the world in crisis and don’t take your blessings for granted.




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