“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

No Freaky Deaky in Michigan and more…

The sun is shinning and the cold is slowly giving way to springtime buds. I had a busy week and a relaxing weekend. Now I wanted to share with you a few highlights of the week. First I’ve been in schedule craziness as I have 3 projects lined up back to back and I’m trying to work them all properly. As of yesterday my return trip to finish “Resurrection” in Las Vegas is being pushed to after Asia (Darkest Night) primarily due to a 2 week prep time I placed on myself for “Darkest Night” which includes final focus on character, change of looks, packing, getting stateside business in order. It was too much of a push on us both.

I have a TV film I’m co-starring in called “7 Stones” that I’m to do with director/writer Tom Norton. He’s the longtime friend I’ve been slowly developing the WW2 film “Operation Ruthless” with. Table read coming up once they conclude casting my female lead. That will also shoot soon after I return from Asia. As for the Asia (Philippines) film they have almost concluded crewing and casting over there. I’m one of two Americans the other being the writer/producer cameo but I’ve very excited about the whole trip.

Very good distribution talks this week on “Outside the Wire” which premieres at the Ohio Film Festival and now with the Vegas push I may be able to attend. These talks also extend to “Renovation” our horror/thriller and foreign rights on a few of our films including “Dean Teaster’s Ghost Town”.

Speaking of this fine film we have also started some business with “Popcorn Sutton’s Tennessee White Whiskey” a company owned in part by Hank Williams Jr. after the passing of our friend Popcorn. He was in our Ghost Town film and there was a logical path of business and so it happened. I want to explore some foreign cross promotion between our western and the whiskey which goes international in a few months.

We’re waiting to see if our paperwork holds up with the Michigan film office on “Wild Michigan” which we are trying to get rolling this year. We’ve got more distribution companies on board and the value of this property has been noticed so pray. I will note that if the rebate doesn’t hold it may become “Wild Canada” which would be too bad for Michigan.

Speaking on this whole matter I do know right from the horses mouth (Sorry Charlie) that “Freaky Deaky” is NOT coming to Michigan because of the rebate situation. I was approached early on about a supporting role in that film and I thought how cool it was to film here. I had drinks years ago with Elmore Leonard at Motor Club in Hamtramck and look forward to working on the film. Looks like another out-of-state trip for me.

Development deals were solidified on “Secondary Heroes” a comedic/horror film and “Long Road Home” (faith drama) and more will be released about this in our PR. Look also to http://www.cdiproductions.com for new updates. I also had a few more acting offers come in with scripts to look at so I will do some reading this week. I’m way behind on all of my reading but I will play catch up now that I’ve pushed Vegas to after Asia.

I will have forthcoming info on the new studio releasing the CDI drama’s “Heaven’s Neighbors,” “Figure in the Forest, ” and animated children’s film “The Patchwork Girl of Oz”  next week. Also we were given our promised update on “In Our Time” the film that many people have been asking about. We were told that updates were being made to the website, new facebook sites, new PR and a new studio! We were in turn around with Lionsgate but now it seems they have gotten out from under that deal and reset at another major studio that they will announce soon.

So I’m gonna refill the Hazelnut coffee and enjoy my Sunday morning and I recommend you all do the same!


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