“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

New Video is a New Home!

Yesterday was a great day of working in the yard raking and burning sticks and getting the yard ready for the grill and chill gatherings that will surely follow. I love that smell and we ended with some Pakistani food dish that actor/producer buddy Curtis Hall made when he stopped over later that evening. I’m trying to get stuff around before I travel here in a few short weeks.

The big splash was over my short haircut for the “Darkest Night” role. It is funny because all my haircuts (or lack there of) have been a result of movie roles for the last twenty years. So lovers of my long locks – it will return in time when the right role calls for it.

Busy week but with results! I’m proud to announce that some of our library previously assigned to E1 Ent. has been reassigned to New Video! This means that those who were awaiting “Heaven’s Neighbors,” “Figure in the Forest,” and “The Patchwork Girl of Oz” will release 4th quarter this year on DVD and VOD. These are the newly mastered with some great DVD extras. Also I’m told a Blue Ray release of “Judges” and “Blood Ties” will also happen 4th quarter.

I’ve been hearing good reports from people who’ve watched “GPS” now playing many times on CHILLER TV. Also Comcast On Demand watchers can see our western “Dean Teaster’s Ghost Town” playing until 2016 so you can find time:)

“Outside the Wire” and “Renovation” distribution talks going well. I had to do more voice work on “Benjamin” and I was told “Locked in a Room” is also getting closer. Both should have fall premieres I’m guessing.

I hope to have exact dates on releases soon and I’ll continue to work the distribution and development projects. We’re getting closer to making some great announcements on new film projects.

Now I’m off to have pork chop breakfast and finish a few things around the house!

Have a great Sunday!


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