“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

To Create or Consume?

I just had nice pot of coffee followed by a bacon sandwich from our 4H pig. If you are a meat eater I would suggest 4H livestock. It is raised by children in the farming program. One of our animals was raised by an orphan and the money is used for college. First, the per pound meat is cheaper than your grocery store. Second, no animal abuse if anything these animals are pampered. Third, you’re not eating ground meat from several animals. We’ve been getting a 1/4 of a cow and whole pigs at the fair. This is rounded out by the venison that fills the fridge every year. I was just reading about all this commercial meat and the issues they are having. So if it is an option I would highly suggest you explore this 4H program.

On the veggie tip we started flats of seeds that will be the produce for the garden. My final task is to get that earth tilled before I have to go film next. We had a few days of sunny but now have some rain and high winds. That said, the grill and chill days are coming soon. That is how I like to conduct meetings. A glass of wine, legal pad of TO-DO’s and good old brainstorming.

This week has been meetings and follow ups on “Outside the Wire” and “Renovation” which will likely have new showings here soon. Also more plans are being made for theatrical showings of some of the earlier CDI films before they’re released nationally this 4th quarter. One reason behind this is a projector that I now own and the recent success of Nita Kennedy’s art gallery showing of her foam work has created new opportunities. I’m also looking at a few special showings of “Wicked Spring” for the 150th of the Civil War this year. Contact me if you have a venue.

I still don’t have those exact street dates yet for the New Video titles but will soon. Three projects in development will start down the path to production. One is “Long Road Home” with partners in Las Vegas and Wisc. that will work with CDI. The second is “E & Me” with Arizona partners. Third is “Secondary Heroes” with CDI alumni Stuart MacDonald directing. More will be forthcoming on these projects.

Foreign distribution talks on several CDI projects is underway. I’ve been talking with several TV networks and I’m proud to say we’ve got films playing on ABC, TBN, Comcast On Demand, Inspirational Network. Encore, Gospel Music Network, Chiller TV and the list goes on. We made it a point to focus our efforts more towards TV and international. So in the day-to-day grind you don’t always see how far you’ve come until you take a deep breath, turn around and look.

That is a good lesson to everyone. It is that old saying that every journey starts with a single step. I know where some of you are with your careers. It feels like little progress is being made BUT if you put in the honest work it will move you forward. We’re a generation of immediate want and true visionaries don’t work like that. Thomas Edison tested thousands of filaments to find the right strand for lightbulbs. I like that Walt Disney went bankrupt like 7 times. Babe Ruth hit a lot of home runs but he also struck out OFTEN! You must DO! You will have SETBACKS! Quitters remove themselves and the persistent amongst us will move forward.

I spoke at Michigan State with a few other panelists to soon to graduate students. I was the only person up there happy with my career. One wanted to move out of her field completely. Another chose money 1st and left her artistic endeavors behind but now she fills her spare time with artistic endeavors and regrets “selling out” her art.

I’ve heard filmmaking/acting and such described as working twice as hard for half as much but those are decisions you each must make. Can you sell your time to non artistic endeavors if it means that nicer car, bigger house or higher pay? Or does your soul feed off of creative endeavors and you’re willing to live simple? Now at a certain level artists can leap ahead. They are feeding the need of those who sold out. You create the music, the movie, the writing that others don’t have the time or focus to do. ALL humans have a creative need. Some create and some consume. You just have to pick your place in the tribe of life.

I got contacted about acting in another cool film and we’ll see what happens there. The schedule would have to line up correct but I believe that the projects I’m meant to be in – I am. That is a good way to look at it. So each of you actors out there know that the universe will bring you what is meant to be. That still means you need to be ready when opportunity knocks.

Today is 1st day of practice for outdoor soccer. Some of you know that I play in a Men’s league and not only does it keep you in GREAT shape but I love my soccer mates. It is a great game that is as much a lifestyle as a game. I will have to knock off some winter rust as I did not play indoor soccer because of my film schedules.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a great week ahead!


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