“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Inspired, developed, produced and premiered – repeat as needed:)

It went from a balmy hot day last week to a nice chilly cool – this is Michigan! I’ve got my coffee by my side and I wanted to write to all of you before my busy weekend. I want to start by saying that I’ve always been a little against the social network process. I think that just like iPhones (I own one), iPods (did condense my CD’s) everyone seems to be PLUGGED IN. Without sounding old as dirt I come from an different time. A simply time where we used land lines, actually wrote letters and a the floppy disk drive was high-tech. I’ll say that for my business the internet has helped greatly. To be able to submit pics,resume and reels via almost instant online is amazing. I just see so many people disconnected to the person next to them but connected to their network 24/7. Their cloud or cloud sharing must be next. I see the positives with my business and I’ve seen it unite people in countries fighting for human rights. The Bday messages started hours before my birthday and continued ALL day. Friends from elementary school, middle and high school, college friends, soccer buddies, Denmark friends, cousins I don’t see enough of, actor and crew friends from almost every film I’ve ever worked on and last but not least fans of the work…I was sincerely blown away! I saw another positive from the Facebook because it made me feel good. Made me feel remembered despite the low-key way I spent my birthday. I still do like face-to-face interaction but I know in this busy world that having a giant party with all your friends is not possible. I just want to tell EVERYONE that sent me a birthday wish that I’m honored to know you all. Be it from past work, past school, sports or just performing for you in a role on your TV – thank you, I’m honored. You all made me feel special and I appreciate that. I think you all are special as well to me and my life. I guess I have Facebook to thank.

Movie news!

TONIGHT OWOSSO, Michigan – 8:00 pm “Outside the Wire” if you can come join me in person as we kick off our Michigan showings. You can go to the CDI site http://www.cdiproductions.com to get tickets. It also plays Sunday but I will only be at the Saturday showing.

We had a great CDI meeting Monday night with almost all of the tribe. I introduced the folks to Mr. Jeff Watson coming on board our commercial division at CDI and Mr. Eric Nelson who is coming onboard as in-house legal with CDI. We also discussed the various projects in development and we have some plans brewing.

This week I did some additional Voice work on “Benjamin” the NYC picture shot last Summer. I was actual on that set for my Bday last year. “Locked in a Room” is moving to the finish line for an October premiere. “Darkest Night” is supposed to launch the official website this forthcoming week. I had some good distribution talks on “Renovation” and hope to lock that up this Summer to release to all of you. The development in the works is more than I can type right here. We have many talented people in our tribe of folks and they are all working with us to get their stories in motion.

Next up for me in July are two films. The first is “7 Stones” a powerful drama about political prisoners. We had a table read yesterday and I think it is gonna be great! Also I’ve been invited to join the cast of the drama “Love Letters in the Sand” also to shoot in July. I’m looking forward to seeing friends and making new ones. It is a very good script and I’m proud to play a small part in telling that story.  Lastly, I’m meeting with another director Tuesday visiting Michigan about another cool film shooting later this year. If it is meant to be it will.

I’m looking forward to a great back half of the year. Life has been good and I think we’ll create some more good art this year. Several projects are having the final touches put upon them and so I look forward to seeing those complete. Inspired, developed, produced and premiered – repeat as needed:) I also welcomed in the Summer Solstice and so it is officially Summer! ENJOY! Divide your time wisely between work and play and remember to unplug once in a while. I’ve got a graduation party this afternoon for a great friend whose daughter is moving into the college scene. After that I join Tony Hornus and Dennis Therrian and I hope many of you in Owosso, Michigan to watch a powerful story of the children of Afghanistan.

Have a great day!


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  1. C. Jesperson

    Such a shame, but there are no tickets that seem to be available for tonight’s showing. I was hoping to come out after reading this blog. Hopefully I’ll catch ya next time!

    June 25, 2011 at 4:18 pm

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