“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Happy 4th and Week Highlights!

What a wonderful week! It was busy full of wheeling and dealing as usual but I also worked hard on getting the yard work done. Now it is the holiday weekend and I’m sipping coffee and relaxing. I feel blessed.

Let’s recap a few week highlights…

Great meetings this week on development, distribution and working to sort out a few bumps on a few projects. I actually had a cool screen test for a fall movie that has ROCK N ROLL at the heart of it. I think it went very well and so if we have a mutual interest and schedules work…

I had a great table read on “7 Stones” which is one of two dramas I’m slated to do in July here. One I’m starring in and the other “Love Letters in the Sand” is a smaller part but an interesting character.

We had a great string of showings on “Outside the Wire” with the Sat night premiere selling out. We will be doing more showings in Michigan and others states soon. If you have a VFW or other place that might want to host a showing let me know at perrydj@aol.com and we will see what we can do. We own the projection equipment so that part is taken care of.

SAVAGE is a bigfoot film near and dear to me because I wrote the initial draft of the screenplay based on my Uncle Jerry Jones and his stories he told us as kids. It will come out on DVD Sept. 20th and will also play CHILLER TV. It is releasing even sooner in the UK so keep a look out!

The 1st Official trailer and poster for “Darkest Night” hit just hours ago and is creating some major buzz. They did some live interviews with the National media this past week and the Official website will launch this coming week. Here is the Facebook site for the film with a trailer link.


So check it out! I’m so excited about all the films yet to release. And while that is happening we are getting additional films ready to rock and roll.

I won’t blather on here because I hope to see updates made to http://www.cdiproductions.com this long weekend. Last night the grill was kicking venison butterfly steaks, wild mushrooms (inktip) w/ grilled onions) and corn. Today it may be seafood day. Enjoy time with family and friends and above all BE SAFE.


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