“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

4H and Finished Projects!

The hazelnut coffee taste so good on a Sat morning! The last two days have included participating in 4H auction whereas we purchased a 1/4 cow and a pig for the freezer. Add my favorite the venison and you got some major smoker/grilling possibilities. Those kids work hard and the quality of the meat is superior to say burger that comes from who knows how many different animals. I suggest you to explore this in your own area if you’re meat eater.

On the movie front it has been BUSY!

New screenings of “Outside the Wire” are being set up for Sept./Oct. at the same time talks for other distribution rights continue. If you have a church, VFW, school or other place that would enjoy a showing of this powerful doc feel free to email me.

We’re also exploring some other theatrical showings on other projects including a popular Civil War film “Wicked Spring” that was produced in 2000 and has found its way into mainstream Civil War culture. We get the rights back at year’s end and are exploring a “Special Edition” release likely in 2012.

I hear that “Locked in a Room” is moving along in post. I got word from “Benjamin” director Jon Osman that the film will be finished Monday. I wish I could attend the private screening but Friday I report to set of “7 Stones” a drama with a dose of action. I play a prisoner and so I’ve been letting the hair, nails and beard go wild and I’m starting to look like I’ve been locked away in Azkaban.

We will have some new press released on “Renovation” which has been making the rounds to distributors. We do have offers on the table and I’m going to follow-up with a few others and we’ll make some decisions. Incase you have not yet gotten a glimpse at this film that will scare you I suggest you do. http://www.renovationthemovie.com

In development lots of new relationships are being made and I’m looking forward to new projects moving forward. We will be doing some upcoming casting on a few CDI associated projects for 2012 including the female lead in “Shadow of Death” the followup project in the GPI/CDI slate shooting in the Philippines. Keep a watch on http://www.cdiproductions.com for casting updates. Development info can also be found at the home company site.

Off to a belated Bday gathering for my father. I see horseshoes in my near future. Soak up life – the good and the bad and use that in your work. The artist spirit is nurtured by these experiences. I hope you all enjoy your weekend and have a productive week ahead.


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