“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

“7 Stones” and Summer Fun

It is summertime in Michigan to be sure. It was a short week due to the holidays and I think many came back to work with their minds still on boating, grilling and fireworks. For me it has been a split of doing my ongoing producer work and my acting prep. On the third front is was domestic business which for me consists of the creation and maintaining of my zen space.

I took so meetings in the “office” which these days consists of antigravity chairs on the patio overlooking the gardens. In this day and age where most of my business is my computer and phone why not meet in a good place. Some of the meetings were on “Holly, Jingles and Clyde” which we have a foreign partner and need to lock in domestic including TV. With a little aligning of planets and stars that could shoot this winter. I could go on and on with developments but I would rather wait until we have a larger announcement on a property. As I stated some casting will be ahead for a few 2012 projects.

I’m prepping to shoot “7 Stones” that shoots soon. It will roll cameras later this month. Sets are being built and they are in full pre-production. This is another CDI associated project with my buddy Tom Norton’s 3rd Coast Film Partners. I will be in Grand Rapids for a handful of days which we can done since most of the shooting is confined to a set. It is always a process for me that starts on complex levels. Maybe it is a belief system for a character. What do they carry in their pockets? Sometimes it starts with a hat or a coat. Sometimes it requires eating less or more. Anyways I’m playing a prisoner so my clean-cut hair and face from “Darkest Night” has led me back to a place that people on the street may try to give me change.

Following that I’m got days on “Love Letters in the Sand” and possible “CJ Walker” if they get that all straighten out. I had another script/offer come my way with an interesting lead so I will get to a read on that this week. I’m not sure what project will go up this fall but if I had my choice it would be “Wild Michigan”. We will see…

I hope to announce some great distribution deals on our films soon. I can say that the Bigfoot project again is heading to audiences on Sept. 20th with MTI. More on all that later.

The biggest news this past week has been the buzz with the new release of “Darkest Night” teaser trailer. The beautiful things is having been there every day and almost every scene I can say that the trailer does not even come close to showing the best scenes. There are so many intense scenes that audiences and fans of the genre will be excited. Between that and “Renovation,” “Locked in a Room,” and “Benjamin” it will be an exciting Fall. Seeds planted in days past will be ready to harvest soon.

And speaking of seeds the garden is doing quite well with tomatoes and pepper plants growing. My small patch of corn getting higher. Berries are ripe all over and so some collecting for wine making is underway. Most exciting is “RED” a gifted redwood tree from Northern California given to me by my brother has a new home. We went from planter to planter as he grew and brought him inside during the winter. He even has Xmas lights and wood ornaments. Yesterday was a reborn Bday for “RED” because he was planted outside in the ground. We were told some can survive in Michigan. We just wanted him to get some size before having to face the chill of Michigan winter. They can live thousands of years and grow to amazing heights so we hope he grows and grows.

GROWTH – the lesson of the now. These are the days to soak in the warmth and allow yourself to grow. Put in the work if you are in the arts. Remember you do have to work twice as hard for half as much BUT the rewards are many times as fulfilling. To work with other artists and create something that will exist for many years into the future is a blessing. To be able to share the art and to have something to reflect back upon as your go further down the path. I had a birthday and again I want to thank everyone for so many wishes. I think I’m about 1/2 way down my career path. I could have another 30, 40 films in me and like my friend Rance Howard I may just keep working. What is retirement when you enjoy your work?

Enjoy your Sunday and have a great and productive week ahead!









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