“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Casting, Candles, Costa Rica & CDI

It has been beautiful days here in Michigan. The garden is about to explode into ripe tomato heaven. I had a wonderful tour this past week of the Detroit Masonic Temple and I want to thank John for our tour. I’ve not seen such amazing work since our VIP tour of the Biltmore Estate in N.C.. It was another week of taking little steps on many fronts. Meanwhile Mother Nature is raging with an eastern earthquake and now Hurricane Irene. To any and all of my friends and fans in the wake of these incidents I pray for your safety. Now onto the updates!

The “Leading Lady” page at http://www.djperryfanclub.com ran by Pepper and her Texas friends is featuring my onscreen wife-to-be from “Darkest Night” the talented Anne Gauthier.


Next up will be my Leading Lady from “7 Stones” so STAY TUNED:)

I’m told that rough cuts on both “7 Stones” and “Darkest Night” are done. Tweaking and FX work will begin on both films. “Locked in a Room” is sprinting towards the finish line. I’m also very excited about the development projects moving down the line. “Renovation” and “Benjamin” are completed and deal talks underway. We lastly announced a large slate of my films coming out with NEW VIDEO either on DVD/Blue Ray or both at year’s end. They will make great Xmas presents:)

Also bio updates and such underway as the almost forgotten “Supermodel Showdown Costa Rica” makes prep for a winter release on TV. I’m told it has become eight TV shows and will be available in S. America, Mexico, US and I for one am excited to see it. My aging memory has already forgotten certain things that I’m sure the show will reveal. I hope to have many more updates.

I want to introduce my Zen fans out there to Candleberry brand candles. They provided some stock for “Resurrection” in Las Vegas and are now a personal and CDI/sponsor.


They are EASY for me to endorse because they smell great! From fall scent to holiday hoopla, I’m gonna be getting my candle-zen with Candle Berry and suggest you do too.

I will make one new announcement – I/CDI now have the signed rights to make “Soul Eater” which is a stand alone/prequel to the down and dirty “The 8th Plague”. If you haven’t seen that film this Halloween season would be perfect for a watch. Beware! The Evil may get in your eyes! “GPS” continues to play on Chiller TV and I need an exact date but “Blood Ties” Blue Ray is releasing right after Halloween I’m told. I sense ghosts and goblins amassing for a fall scare:)

We will also be making some announcements on “Secondary Heroes” a comedic/horror film. I will hint that a casting call could be in the near future. Watch the CDI site http://www.cdiproductions.com for the announcements.

To all my friends and fans in the path of Irene be smart, be safe and be good to your neighbors who may need your help. My thoughts are with you.


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