“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Premieres, Puppies and Philippines!

The heat has made a small roar back into Michigan. It has been an enjoyable holiday weekend already. On the football tip – both the Det. Lions and MSU put checks in the win BOX. We’ve got the week off from soccer but won our last two games. I even scored and had an assist in each game which does not always happen. I like the team mentality and often prefer the “pass off” vs the “glory goal”. Many large artistic endeavors are team efforts vs the individual actions. They often contain individual artistic endeavors but they are all woven together as one piece of collective art.

Furthermore, this weekend has been made special by the fact that we got a new rescue puppy that will be trained to be the ongoing guard dog. We have a great guard dog now but she is getting up there in age. We also figured that the training would be easier with a good role model. So, now there is a little understudy named “Luke”.  A handsome coffee-color dude with blue/green eyes that will surely be a welcome new family addition. Our current “baby dog” is 4 and is having a slight adjustment as all her toys get played with.  She is the younger dog and a real love bug but not a true guard dog. More like an alarm and if we had animals to herd she would be in her element. The total now reads 3 dogs and 3 cats and I think our wildlife rescue is good and complete for now.

Onto the Movie news –

I’m being told that November will be the premiere screenings for “Locked in a Room”. Actually it looks like I’ll have many films showings that month. I’m still waiting to hear on “Benjamin” premiere screenings but I know that “Darkest Night” and “Seven Stones” are both suppose to show in November. I will have much to be thankful for:)

Follow that with a slew of December releases and a line up 2012 roles already underway and that equals BUSY. My attorney is currently working on shoot dates for “Madam CJ” and “In Our Time”. We were told the business structures are now set up and final structuring/casting is underway. I also hope to have more info on “Shadows of Death” my follow-up Philippine shoot with GPI. That will have us casting one American Jodi Foster type in a lead role. Casting notices will circulate soon.

Development activity has been – WIN some, LOSE some with some projects jumping ahead with packaging and others taking a step back. I guess that is the way of things. We will be announcing some development updates on certain projects via a series of press releases this month. You can only do your best and often good things will follow.

We do have a couple of “Outside the Wire” showings happening this month is Lansing, MI and so I’m excited for the hometown crowd to see this amazing story! I will do a complete post of times and dates in my next update. It is towards the end of the month and I hope many of you can make it out.

Also look for  a new Leading Lady announcement on Pepper’s http://www.djperryfanclub.com site.

Have a safe and fun-filled weekend.


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