“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu


A great week of personal and business woven into a fabric of clear thought and imaginative actions. Let me see if I can touch on a few topics for the week.

WAIT! Need a quick coffee refill:) DONE. OK. Back to business –

On the development front –

We announced the Spring “Secondary Heroes” project with director Stuart MacDonald, a CDI alum and all around talented guy. We will be announcing some of the 1st cast this coming week. We are doing our internal casting 1st and will be holding an actual casting call for reels and some in-person reading. This will happen likely in Adrian Michigan this year. I will put this out that the script does require a beautiful set of triplets. So we either have to find talented and beautiful triplets OR cast three alike looking girls. Where is Hugh Hefner when I need him? These are not throw away roles and are actually the female leads of the film in a round-a-bout sort of way so they must also be strong actresses. These girls must have that farm-girl HEE HAW hotness. Okay, if you don’t know HEE HAW I’m showing my age:) So get those reels together.

The second announcement was the formal release stating that I had acquired the rights to make a prequel film for “The 8th Plague” entitled “Soul Eater”. We’ve already got distributor interest but I continue to work the deal. I will be returning to the origins of my Mason character the prison guard who was recently beat out of a deputy job by his former guard buddy Buck. Buck was and will be played by the talented Terry Jernigan. We’ve also added Nadia Dawn as a mysterious and sexy lawyer defending a vicious and demented cult leader. Nitsin who originally played the cult leader wickedly is focusing of his directing and so we will be doing a new search for an Indian (Not Native American) cult leader. Not sure of dates just looking at cast, location and such while dealing with distributors.

Pick up shots on “7 Stones” have been going great and I saw some peek footage and it looks GOOD! Great job to that entire team. Melissa the film’s lead continues as the focus leading lady on Pepper’s DJ Perry fan site. It still feels funny saying that but I do appreciate and love all you fans out there. I’m all your fans:)

We’ve got paperwork coming over for worldwide distribution on “Renovation” http://www.renovationthemovie.com and once signed we can talk more about this. We look to be in agreement on most deal points but we might have a slight bit of back-and-forth. That said, the interest and offer is there and we’ve negotiated certain points so far and so audiences will get to see this film brought to them.

Also this week brought additional interest in the doc film “Outside the Wire” for worldwide rights. We’ll be all sitting down and talking that deal over but other pending offers are also in the works. This powerful film will be playing two days in Lansing, MI Sept 24th @ 8pm and Sept 25th @ 2:00 and 4:30. Tickets are $10 with some of the proceeds going to Riverwalk Theater and The Wounded Warrior Project.

Order online at www.riverwalktheatre.com

by phone at 517-482-5700 or purchase one hour before

each screening at the Riverwalk box office,

228 Museum Drive, Lansing, Mich.

This week had me burning up the phone lines with distributors and development folks. It will be a crazy 4th quarter with releases. The 4th quarter will also be filled with premieres. Marketing on “BENJAMIN” the NYC film I co-starred in, is about to be released. “Darkest Night” is moving towards the finish-line and my producing partner on that project Russ Williams, was in from the Philippines to take meetings in CA. They have started to look at my possible dates for a return trip there for the National premiere. That is a lot of press junket stuff plus meetings on the CDI/GPI slate that includes “Shadow of Death” and “Pandemonium”. I also may talk to a few commercial agents after being approached about the possibility of doing a few campaigns. Anyone who knows me can attest I’m not a big commercial actor person. Probably because before my feature career kicked in I was stuck doing some goofy commercials. But the payday they were talking about makes me say, “Give me that juice bottle or cup of coffee!” Hey! I want to get a greenhouse:)

I know I missed a few updates but you get the idea of the week I had. That said, with the beauty of the bluetooth many of my business calls are done while I walk the garden or such. I feel a great balance between my work and self. Early in my career I was very workaholic in nature but I prefer a better organized use of my time. The two sides feed each other and you don’t want to ignore your personal because it is like the saying, enjoy the journey. It is not always about a destination especially at the loss of important relationships.

Today MSU plays and I hope they win. Tomorrow is the first round of our soccer teams playoff’s. We finished 1st in our division and now start playing the 2nd division and see what happens. We’ve had injuries and such like everyone else but who knows maybe this could be the year. If not it was again a year of great fitness training and time with my soccer amigos.

Enjoy your weekend!


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