“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Enjoy the day. Enjoy the moment!

The end of a good week as I sit watching our Nation remember the terrible acts committed those many years ago. I remember I was having one of my mornings of calm and peace until Dean Teaster called me and asked if I was watch the news. The 1st plane had hit and I watched the second plane and all the following events. I cannot image losing a loved one in such a manner. In my daily praise of life I try to appreciate the small things and the big people in my life. This weekend saw the start of a new batch of peach wine and next month is hard cider time again. Also a week with a new member of the pack with our little “Luke” a poop machine of a puppy who has brought many smiles into the house as well as a few other surprises.

I will try to give a few entertainment updates to you fine folks –

We announced the CDI feature film “Secondary Heroes” to be directed by our dear friend Stuart MacDonald in Spring 2012 in Adrian Michigan.

A few pick up shots on “7 Stones” as post in full speed ahead.

Great talks with our partners in the Philippines and “Darkest Night” is coming along great. The new website again is http://www.darkestnightmovie.com

The Lansing showings of our powerful documentary “Outside the Wire” directed by Anthony Hornus are listed below – I’m planning attending the Sat. showing and would love to see some of you come out and support it.

Sat – Sept 24th @ 8:00 pm and Sunday Sept 25th  @ 2:00 and 4:30 pm at Riverwalk Theater – Downtown Lansing – 228 Museum Dr. 517-482-5700 tickets $10.00 with some proceeds to Riverwalk Theater and The Wounded Warrior project.

On “Renovation” http://www.renovationthemovie.com we are working out details on foreign sales but are pretty much set on the theatrical and domestic aspects of the deal. I wanted to do a full announcement but I still want to wait. I will say we are looking at a limited release in Dec./Jan. and a domestic release in March 2012. I’m excited that this 1st feature will be getting out there to audiences soon!

September 20th is the release date for “Savage” a bigfoot script I initially penned after stories by my Uncle Jerry Jones and the various readings I’ve done over my lifetime. It is out in the UK and will also play here on CHILLER TV. So tune it to watch both “SAVAGE” and “GPS” on that network.

We’ve got a new featured leading lady on the Texas fan site ran by Pepper. My “7 Stones” co-star Melissa Anschutz.


More releases on projects to hit this week.

I gotta get ready for our last regular season soccer match before playoffs. We’ve been on a winning streak but we’ve had a week off with the past holiday. That said it is not boiling hot so it will be good for running.

Enjoy the day. Enjoy the moment!



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