“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Two Keys to Success Plus Film Updates

So we went from chilly chill to summer-like all in a week. That is the way of things here in the Michigan. It was a busy week on all fronts. This weekend brought me some good fall domestic fun. The green tomato wine and pickled dill green tomato’s are brewing and canned. I got a load of firewood brought in and stacked it. Just cleaning up the yard and my car getting them ready for winter when it comes. It has been fun watching new dog addition Luke go about his daily activities. I love Fall and what it represents – the harvest, the dark taking light and the coming holidays.

On the film front I have distribution packages going out, development pitches going out, post work being done and premieres and promotion at hand. Most exciting development is the booking of my return trip to the Philippines. A National press conference is set for the GPI/CDI project entitled “Darkest Night” on Nov. 3rd. We are waiting to announce the exact premiere date that will follow the conference.  The theatrical run is being set up and I’m excited to see all my old friends and see the film release. Again http://www.darkestnightmovie.com

Once I return I will have a short time to recover before the premiere of “7 Stones” in Grand Rapids. Those who are fans of my action/dramatic work like “Wicked Spring” and “An Ordinary Killer” will really enjoy it. It is actually a run up to a feature I’ve been working on developing with director Tom Norton for several years. I’m excited about the 1st feedback coming from the film cuts.

I’m still expecting more premiere info on “Benjamin” and “Locked in a Room” which may also happen between now and the end of the year.

I’ve been working with my CA attorney Marty Barab in assigning some rights on some of our films. Mainly foreign rights and a reset on “Wicked Spring” the Civil War film who’s rights are returned this Dec. Fellow producer Curtis Hall is working with production legal to clean that up while I work to set the Special Edition release. I want to see it come out on Blue Ray and will likely include the Making of, soundtrack and a few other surprises. Lionheart/Kevin Hershberger no longer has any ownership in the film due to a trade off for company stock. I still think that the film is a wonderful collaboration and director Kevin Hershberger’s passion for the subject matter can truly be seen. Add in some great battle scenes by some dedicated living historians and a handful of talented actors and we have a film that has stood the test of time. Stay tuned!

I hope some of you have checked SAVAGE and GPS playing on CHILLER TV. I watched the old original Frankenstein the other night. What a cool story.

I hope to have pre-order sites for our NEW VIDEO titles so we can allow folks to order for Xmas. Yes. My mind has started to think about that season already. I’m waiting on more info about the “Supermodel Showdown Costa Rica” show coming out on Telemundo and much more.

I’ll address a couple little keys to success in my blog here.


If you are not happy with where your career is especially in the arts you need to look first at yourself. So many people desperately need to blame someone, anyone for their shortcomings. I know a handful of people that operate completely from a place of negativity. The glass is always half full and always because someone ELSE drank it. It’s like I say when producing – DON’T just be critical of an action or situation. First you want to positively present and highlight the problem before offering a possible solution. Even if that suggestion is not the final solution taken it will cast light upon an issue that needs fixing and stir other possible solutions. I believe that people should hold their tongues until they have a better course of action to suggest. When producing people are paid for solutions NOT complaints.  Don’t be one of those needy for attention people who throw out a comment just to shock people and set yourself aside. There is always some insecurity deep at the heart of it.

I guess part of this stimulated conversation comes from someone I’ve known for years. They are not in my immediate circle but I’ve ran into several people who’ve had past issues with this person. Without even knowing every corner of this individual I can tell you his actions suggest that he has many of these issues that I speak of. Funny how those quick to cast a stone are usually living in a house built of the most fragile glass. They are often the  intellectual that lacks the wisdom to guide their actions. The person who feels worthless and entitled all in the same breath. People self bathing in these actions must ponder in their quiet moments why they feel like a failure. Why they don’t seem to have the same personal connections with people as others seem to have. I’m here to tell you that negativity is like dirty bath water. Some people that you’ll have a conversation with leaves you walking away feeling dirty. They wonder why they don’t get that invite to the party or they don’t get cast in a film despite being a fine actor.

Why? Acting is 90% wait and 10% action and who wants to sit in dirty bath water while you wait. I don’t know everyone who reads my blog but if you happen to be one of these folks bathing in dirty bath water – CORRECT THYSELF!

It is truly that easy. Like Scrooge, you can wake up one morning and be different. You can talk positive and see the difference in how the world treats you. Be positive and see change. You reap what you sow.

Another key –

Loyalty – This is a word that means many things to many people. We will address this only in the context of art/business. It starts as I’ve mentioned before – with how you view yourself. Again you’re not in true competition with anyone else but yourself. You’re trying to connect artist with best medium to invoke feeling upon an audience. How many people have had an open audition contact but did not tell certain people because they feared the competition? Have you used phrases such as “This is just between us” or “To be honest” or any number of slips in language that cue in people of our insecurities.

Those that know me (not of me) but know me will attest to my loyalty factor. When I started Collective Development Inc. with Jeff Kennedy in 1996 it was because I believed in a community of artists. I wanted to create a safe haven for artists away from such petty issues that often break apart creative individuals/groups. It happen to me early in my career where I found the 1st stings of what I took as jealously. In so many ways I appreciate those actions because they moved me to where I’m at now.

I’ve found many people who appreciate the loyalty that I give. I’m here to state that if I did not value this trait I would be several steps ahead in my career. That said, at what cost? Friendship? Personal integrity? Willpower? I always return to the journey vs the destination illustration. It states that how you get somewhere is so much more important than just getting there. And if you have any other questions about where I’m coming from please do read the Tao of DJ at the top of this blog. Maybe you should all write your own journey statement even if only for yourself. If you join a creative group be that CDI or any another fine circle of artists – be LOYAL. Speak well of one another as we are all flawed. Let your lives not be ruled by your flaws but let wisdom and understanding rise you above them. After all, CDI has never been DJ Perry Productions. It is COLLECTIVE DEVELOPMENT! The name could never be more clear. If you break it down project-wise you will discover that few of the projects came from my planting of seeds. I’m a person who can truly get behind a group and help them fulfill their goals. I’ve been doing some planting of my own seeds as of late and all of the existing projects do bear my contributions either as writer, actor  and often if not always as producer.

Why do I feel like a good producer?

It is because I’m not selfish. I feel I’ve risen above much of that. I can look at a group of projects and a set of opportunities and try to match them up without agenda. This can be hard when you so badly want something to launch. That said, if the ignition is round and the key you’re forcing is square – it isn’t going to start up.

Give into the Collective Spirit!

Be positive! Be loyal! – Be an example!

Have a great Sunday and week ahead!


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