“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Congrats to the New Tribal Folk at CDI!

The first sips of coffee in the morning taste so wonderful and again I ponder the need to find a good coffee endorsement. I had a busy week but I’m still managing to really enjoy the season. MSU had a great football win over UofM and I was happy to see that! Now if the Lions do there thing today it will be even better. Yesterday was a full day starting early and so I didn’t get to my blog. Today I also have a family brunch so I’m trying to fit this in now. If I’m still sleepy as I type please forgive me.

I’ve got my travel plans arranged for the “Darkest Night” premiere and promotions in the Philippines. It seems the “7 Stones” premiere is gonna be closer to Xmas due to FX work and sound design. Still no word on “Benjamin” and “Locked in a Room” premiere dates yet. I will say that with “Renovation” – the deal is about complete and we are clarifying our final three points before we roll out with that. I’m also working with GPI on setting a deal to release “Renovation” in the Philippines theatrically in addition to the limited release here in the US. Check out the film site http://www.renovationthemovie.com if you have not.

I had communications yesterday with the “In Our Time” folks and I need to get up with them on scheduling. The word is that on their slate our film has been moved up to #1. This project has a lot of interest worldwide. There is a lot of great info I have concerning this project but can only wait until production releases certain updates.

It is not to early to be planning 2012 – that should be a fun-filled year with projects.  Many films are in the running for production in 2012. A film will launch when it is truly ready. There are so many elements that need to line up to make some of the larger projects go forward. I continue my weekly development talks and I will say we have some great films in the hopper.

I want to give a big congrats to the CDI sales team on their 1st sponsorship sales of the 1st Lansing showing of “Outside the Wire”. So congrats to Mr. John Demarco and Mr. Jeff Watson. Also a nod to our in-house legal Mr. Eric Nelson who has been untangling some of our past business dealings that went astray. I want to recognize these folks for their hard work and happy they are part of the COLLECTIVE DEVELOPMENT tribe!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


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