“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

First Showings and “Donors” on Deck!

Fresh coffee and the smell of bacon is a wonderful way to start your snowy morning. After a watch on a doc film called FOOD INC. I’m very happy that most all our meat comes from 4H beef & pork and deer venison. I think all people should take a hard look at what they fuel their machines with. Today is also going to have us bottling some wine made from Peaches and also rack some Green Tomato wine for clarity and get it ready to bottle soon. Those who visit the house have had an opportunity to taste some of the various wines. My mind is also been thinking about this coming years garden. What to plant? I for one love having the fresh veggies on hand.

This week will be exciting as we are having a major hoopla bash in Grand Rapids to showcase the World Premiere of “7 Stones”. It is at the GRAM, a beautiful art museum venue. I think director Tom Norton will be touring this film around so many of you might get to see a theatrical run of it. I’ve stayed an arm’s length from post so that I too can be surprised. This is director Tom’s calling card and I know the crew was A+ and the performances  felt powerful. So this Thursday we will see how it all came together!

Following that on the 27th at the San Diego Black Film Festival our thriller “Locked in a Room” will play at 7:30 pm so anyone in that area who can watch it and report back to me – that would be great! I’m really looking forward to this film that is extremely unusual in the approach. Again – exciting!

This week will be more development talks on a handful of feature films. I’ve got projects in the works with many filmmaking friends around the world. We will see which projects come together and take off! One project that is together and starts rolling camera officially in Feb. is “Donors” a thriller being directed by Charles Pisaeno. He was also the writer/producer on “Deadly Renovations”. I also see that “Deadly Renovations” director Robert Gwinn is pushing on “Virtue” a tight little horror film that is a classic throwback. Paperwork was signed on “Donors” associating it once again with Collective Development Inc. and making me the antagonist of the film. More as this unfolds.

“Outside the Wire” will start having additional theatrical showings and once I have dates I’ll share those on here.  I think our next stop may be Texas. I’ll get that info from director Tony Hornus.

Lots of promotion going on with finished films. I’m also looking to announce a few other films that I’ll be acting in. 2012 is going to be a great year and I’m excited by all the new opportunities presenting themselves. I’m also working hard to continue to push our library out to the world market. “Deadly Renovations” http://www.deadlyrenovations.com was delivered to sell at Berlin Film Market and I hope to have theatrical and street dates very soon!

Have a great Saturday!


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