“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Hard blowing, sideways snowing, coffee flowing – Saturday chill!

Hard blowing, sideways snowing, coffee flowing – Saturday chill! So it was a long week but so very productive. Let’s start with premiere showings. Thursday night at the GRAM (Grand Rapids Art Museum) fans got a 1st look at “7 Stones”. This action/drama is a very strong character study with lessons to be learned. They are going to spend the final 3 weeks polishing the sound mix and CGI. It was a fine night and I was proud to be there with all the other artists. Other festival and public theatricals will be coming. We have a meeting next week to discuss the course of all this.

Last night in San Diego at the San Diego Black Film Festival “Locked in a Room” had a 1st showing. I was not able to attend as I had the premiere the night before as the male star and tomorrow I have a NYC trip to pick up film stock. So I’m very interested to see what the audience reaction was to the film as I have yet to see the full finished film.

Several of my films are prepped to go out to the marketplace with NEW VIDEO distribution. They are best known for cable network releases and we were awaiting them to finalize their Wal-Mart deal. They also announced they now have a theatrical division from a merger. We also have a deal in the works to work with Missionary International to focus on the faith retailers. I’m hearing late 2nd quarter for the titles which will include Blu-Ray releases of “An Ordinary Killer,” “Judges” and “Blood Ties” and DVD/VOD releases of “Figure in the Forest” and “Heaven’s Neighbors”.

It has been decided that a high-end action packed investor trailer for “Sherwood Horror” will be shot to show the studios. So I’ll be prepping to play Rob Locksley which will be shot in VA with some of my close actor friends that have been cast by director John Regan. I’ve been training daily as I always do but I’m going to step that up some so I can really bring the action. Needless to say – I’m excited.

Also I’m limited to what I can say on this project but I had the pleasure of reading the final shoot script on a project I’ll be shooting in Dearborn, MI, New Orleans and Toronto. This project is with the same team doing the “In Our Time” (Jesus) project but is first on the slate. I can announce that it is called “Henry Ford: An American Legend” and I know that it is already in process with the Michigan Film Office. This is slated for a May/June start and will release with a major studio. I’ll release more info as I’m allowed.

I’ve got several projects in the Feb-April time frame and we will see where the pieces fall. We also have several projects of our own in development and they are looking strong. I also heard the rough draft of “Darkest Night” at the theatrical run time is done and they will be polishing that up with March being the finish date.

I’ll wrap this up for now. There is a lot of 2012 business at hand. Work hard and create your own opportunities. They don’t all come and drop in your lap so be smart.

I hope you all have a productive week!


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  1. Lani

    In what part of VA will you be shooting the trailer?

    January 28, 2012 at 8:20 pm

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