“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Be Patient and be Productive!

Friends I’m back to chat up all my journeymen artists out there on this fine Saturday. I’ve been going with the flow just like my morning coffee:) It was an interesting week as they almost always are. Writer/producer Russ Williams (Darkest Night)  sent me an email with a link


It has some trendsetting reviewer on IMDB.com who compiled the Top 25 anticipated horror films of 2012. Our film “Darkest Night” was listed at #12. It will be coming out of post at the end of March and already many distributors are checking in with me to see if they can get a look at the film. http://www.darkestnightmovie.com

The dark thriller “Deadly Renovations” http://www.deadlyrenovations.com will make its 1st international appearance next month at the Hong Kong market with Acort International. My fellow filmmakers from Yuma have also been busy. I’m just about done with my role in “Donors” and principal photography in Yuma, AZ is about done. Also Robert Gwinn is working to package his next feature “Virtue”.

I’ve had some conversations with Larry Simmons about “Locked in a Room” another CDI associated property and it is being prepped for summer theatrical showings. More as this develops.


“SOUL EATER” may have just found its main bad guy in a WWE personality. We have his interest now a formal offer needs to be put together and approved by WWE.

“SECONDARY HEROES” – we are making some moves both in casting and location lockdown. Budgeting and sponsorship talks are just beginning. Location scouting is also underway and this project is shaping up nicely. http://www.secondaryheroes.com is our new Official Site. It is not stocked with info but will grow more in the coming weeks.

Writer/Director Jeff Kennedy is also soon to reveal the 1st part of a 4 part “Mythos” script which will surely be interesting! Some of his work can be seen nationally late 2nd quarter with the releases of “Figure in the Forest,” “Heaven’s Neighbors” and a Blu-Ray release of “An Ordinary Killer” that he co-directed with Anthony Hornus.

Speaking of Anthony – upcoming screenings of “Outside the Wire” will soon be announced and development has been underway on “A State of Hate” renamed “Race to Judgment”. Also a good sit-down lunch meeting with Mr. Delvon Roe has him joining the cast. Rewrites are about complete and so Anthony has been turning some attention towards this project.

I could go on about development for another page or so but you get the point – BUSY!

I’ve got a big project “Henry Ford” I’m part of going up June/July timeframe and so I’m busy evaluating the Spring projects that will shoot prior. I would really like to see if “Soul Eater” can shoot just before that rolls cameras. I have to be patient as these things work themselves out. I just want to lock down a schedule within all this chaos of offers.

I’ve got a few projects by friends or with friends involvement that I’ve trying to make a priority. I know well a day will come where I can’t do projects with everyone. As my shoot days get longer on these bigger projects I can see where/why some actors only do a few projects a year. I may have two of those kind of projects this year and I still want to do some of our own projects for sure. So patience and I again have to dance the dance.

Until next time – be patient and be productive!


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