“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

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Bestseller 2.0, ASHES Trailer, Tomatoes & TV Series

Good morning to all of you EST readers and for all others hello! I’m excited that this blog has really got to be international reflecting the great brotherhood and sisterhood of artists world-wide. Many years ago I stared this blog on a DJ Perry fan page created by well, a fan Pepper and it has grown into this blog over the years. It is a place where you can tune in and read about my journey and maybe gather some unique insight into your own situations. I’ve been a bit tough over the last few weeks because if you really want my comments on issues unfolding around me I’m going to state the facts. I’ve never been a real sugar-coated type person. I’ve had issues with people in power who think they demand respect vs earn it. I’m many things outside this business of ours and so a title means little if I don’t respect you. I look to actions vs words and truly look at the person and their potential. I would rather have someone with less experience and the right skill set to nurture and develop. Know that your actions are always being evaluated and in our business evaluation and accountability are king.

We’ve made some great structure changes to the upcoming BESTSELLER film. It has been a time of evaluation and accessing and I have to say that I’ve not seen such potential squandered in some time. That has almost all been corrected. As legal and accounting clean up the past um… camera tests? Acting rehearsals? We’re preparing an entirely new ship to launch –  BESTSELLER 2.0. New management, new director, script clean up, new locations, new battle plan and accessing cast and crew.  For those who saw  the PR last week, I did accept the offer to play a lead in the film. I’ve been enjoying “finding” that character within and I look forward to working with my “7 Stones” co-star again.  Stay tuned for a new website that will also be launching with our new campaign. This movie is going to be an exciting ride.

If you want to see what film our team previous managed I invite you to watch the official theatrical premiere of ASHES OF EDEN. It premieres tomorrow Sunday at 8:00 pm EST at


ASHES OF EDEN dialogue edit is now about complete and sound design and music work is about to start. Color correction work underway. They had an event last night and played the trailer sneak peek for a few hundred people to a great reaction. More promotions are going to be heating up as we make our way towards a late fall premiere. We also did a Lansing area radio show that broadcasts to 30 countries and that can be found on the http://www.ashesofedenmovie.com site.

This week has also been filled with other notable news

A drama that may or may not launch in Detroit next week – I’ve been consulting on since about December and we have a production contract sitting out there. The company needed some LOI from us and wanted us to work out the legalese later. STOP RIGHT THERE! You want to know why so many projects become a cluster ##$% is that you need to define and work out legalese ahead of time. Too many people have carts pulling horses. It seems to be a reoccurring issue with some people and it always spells trouble. Good business starts with a good foundation and that means have a solid groundwork of agreements. This venture has had some major issues in communication whereas advise given is just flatly refused. I’m trying to give advice to protect an investment and give the chance for the best film possible to be made. But at the day’s end they want to push forward despite warnings and so what do you do? Script changes, creative suggestions that help budgetary issues – all given and ignored. Now I’m not use to going at something as just a JOB. I run on passion and art with business being woven throughout. Some of what I warned about is coming into play because at the end of the day – hard work in the wrong places and good intentions will not solve pre-production issues. I’ve had to look at the idea of checking my own ego and pride and just making the best possible film with the resources available. So the contracts are out there and the requirements known so if it happens – I will go at this like I do everything – with BEST EFFORTS. If they don’t agree to our most basic requirements – pass. I’ve passed on several projects this year including another acting offer yesterday. It just has to make sense. My issue here is saying NO can mean a financial loss to many people BUT there will always be another. Until the ashes are spread I will always have the need to create and engage in storytelling but I refuse to be ruled by SHELLS & BEADS. Now time will decide – I had to kill all effort and communication – time for talk is done and now only action remains. TO DO or to DO NOT!

There is interest that came from left field on helping to produce and co-star in a TV series for a major network that I watch often. A pitch last week, which by the way was thought to be a bust – resulted in a call that evening sharing their interest. Never overlook the poker face. I hear it from many actors who think they tanked an audition and that is the one they landed. Now this project here is of course under non-disclosure but it is one of the few projects that I have said yes to as a regular. (Should it go) So as soon as I get off this I have a story meeting as now they need their written pitch to move up the line to get green lit. It may or may not work out but it is another growing experience. Also in sharp contrast to the previously discussed project – good communication is what has this project moving.

Word is that a couple of films recently licensed may be dubbed into Spanish for distribution. I’m still working the final pieces of the Germany license deals.

Great Skype meeting over “Darkest Night” and the 2014 follow-up shoot of “The Beast”. They have hired a director and the UPM and so movement is beginning on that front.

“Supermodel Showdown” TV series is moving right along. Some teasers for this will soon be heading to distributors and audiences.

Outside of all this movie stuff – a great soccer tie last week against former league champions. Tomatoes are now ripe in the garden. I did some good work on the office this week. We did some good grilling and chilling a few evenings and today will also have us grilling some pork steaks. I’m off for a story meeting before enjoying the day. I hope each and every one of you have a great weekend and productive week ahead.


DJ’s Holiday Recap (It was a busy one)

SNOW, beautiful white snow now covers the ground. Our 4H hams are defrosting for Christmas dinner and old friends are now in town. I’ve about put the business aside so I can fully focus on the holidays. My shopping is about done and I’m looking forward to just relaxing into the holidays. There are many things winding down for the end of the year and several new things ready to go in the new year.

A nice recap and some 2013 teases

– “Book of Ruth” is the 1st of a series of biblical films. We have two more films that have committed finance and we plan to shoot them in the 1st half of 2013. If you haven’t seen this film it makes a good family watch.

– “Deadly Renovations” has its 1st foreign distributor and we will be doing a PR release about whom and some new promotional art. The talks of sequel have once again been thrown about.

– “Donors” will be releasing a first teaser trailer around the 1st of the year on the http://www.donorsthemovie.com website.

– “7 Stones” had a good Michigan TV showing. They want to submit it for a Michigan Emmy. Anyhow you cut it it was a great experience and is a story full of drama.

– “Locked in a Room” is signed, delivered and I hear the artwork for DVD release is really cool. Better yet the film is really cool. I enjoyed watching the theatrical showings with people clutching each other and yelling at the big screen.

– “Outside the Wire” is suppose to be launching its full site and DVD sales the 1st of the year. This CDI associated project makes me very proud and a big congrats to Tony Hornus and Dennis Therrian putting in the long hours.

– “Benjamin” had several NYC theatrical showings and just played in Cairo, Egypt. I got emails from new fans there in Egypt and that was heartwarming to me. It is due for a few more festivals including Michigan. After that limited theatrical and mainline domestic distribution.

– “Darkest Night” the dark Christmas tale will release in the USA on March 22nd. A few theatrical showings may go on 1st and I know some foreign distribution is underway.

– April will bring the release of “Realizism” which I fully enjoyed shooting. My character Manny was fun to play in a Robin Hood kind of way:) It will have a local theatrical run followed by DVD sales.

“Ashes of Eden” that powerful drama we shot at years end here will release a first look in Jan. 2013 so audiences can get a peek. We have had some serious distribution interest and it will be looking at the best deal for the film.

“Figure in the Forest” and “Heaven’s Neighbors” are suppose to enjoy a national DVD release finally:) It has been a long journey. “Heaven’s Neighbors” is a very good theme film in light of all the mental ill talk going on now in our nation.

Many projects look like they will birth in 2013. I will proudly try to entertain you working with the bevy of talented artists I’m so blessed to work with. Venison steaks for a few of the amigos as I’m making room for the new processed deer.


Week Updates and Going Western (Again)…

As Morgan Earp

It was a long week so I retired early and woke early. I have the coffee flowing and I am happy to send out some updates to the subscribers out there. I’ve been streamlining some CDI company biz in anticipation for some upcoming work. It is funny how the path opens up new adventures simply by walking it.

I got word that “Book of Ruth” will be going to Wal-Mart and other retailers that have yet to carry the title. The film has really done well and in the wake of that we’ve got several other biblical films going up. Three are with Reel Frog and two moving right along are in the CDI stable. It is a growing marketing for us and nothing wrong with entertaining and adding a good message. Watch IMDB and here for some updates very soon.

In the past I’ve been a paid speaker – most recently at Michigan State University as a Key Note Speaker for a creative arts forum. I don’t normally do these events usually because of the plan time and also to schedule around films. Enough people have asked so I have agreed to let MP Talent in Grand Rapids book me into these speaking events. (TO BOOK: malinda@mptalentagency.com) It is a take off on this CLAWING MY WAY TO THE MIDDLE program of mine. It really focuses on bringing a business mentality in with the art. In our industry it is the SHOW+BUSINESS. The focus is NOT – how to act or how to do this or that although those answers can be provided. It is really about getting the straight forward no B.S. advice based on actual trial and error. I attended a film fest mixer in town on Thursday and I really enjoyed seeing some of the younger artists pushing their dreams forward. There are many pitfalls in this business and in life. I know some of this info will greatly help individuals as it already has. So I will be looking forward to sharing.

I think one of the weeks most exciting developments was that I gave interest in playing the legendary cowboy Morgan Earp in a western this fall called “Storm God Rides”. I’m excited that we will likely be filming back on the western set in Mescal Old Tuscan outside Tombstone, AZ. Some of my fellow western actor amigos have also put their materials forward and been cast. I know that my friend and associate Dean Teaster is playing my oldest brother Virgil Earp, so that will be fun. More as this develops but I’ve had fun with the camera tests and I’m ready to ride.

I’m still looking at projects for May and I’ve had a few good projects cross the desk but nothing locked yet. In the meantime I’ve been getting myself ready for soccer, winemaking and getting the garden prepped. It is beautiful here in Michigan and I think it is going to be a great year.

I hope you all have a relaxing weekend.


Easter Sunday and Good Advice

It was a long week of business and this weekend has been spent largely helping someone move into a new home. The Full Moon shone bright through the trees Friday night and I think it helped to recharge the batteries. Outdoors the beauty is everywhere as everything seems to be in process of bloom. I’ve been working the yard and enjoying a fire in the pit. The garden is being cleaned and prepped for new growth and that is how I’m taking the day. We should all till our earth to our own gardens and prepare for that new growth.  My mind is trying to relax away from the many deals that are in works but not quite complete. Last night on TED (A series of lectures by experts) I saw a good talk on trial & error. It is a process of tweaking that will eventually distill a process or product down to a sound effective piece/process. That is a lot like our own business model in filmmaking. Every project we’ve done has had good and bad elements that come into play. Both are important in gaining experience that will eventually take you to greater heights of success. I look at how much I’ve learned via the projects and I smile. Life is funny that way, it often rewards the fool and the courageous –  they are often the same person.

Other insights from the week…

The art of prepping and packaging –  finding the right partners to work on the right projects. I’m exciting about some communications this week whereas deals have been moved that much closer. I’ve also been disappointed in others about their communication skills. There are a few individuals I’m close with and if they contact with a business call I respectfully respond in a day or so if not sooner. I’ve had a situation as of recent whereas I called to help correct an issue and I’m still waiting from a Monday call. Now when the issue becomes larger and is a real problem I’ll likely get that call. COMMUNICATION! This has been an issue on a few of our associated films. What I have to remind myself is that they are greener and growing but I wish folks would listen to me sooner. Eventually it can and often will end up being my issue to fix whereas COMMUNICATION could have solved it early and immediately. I’m not going to go on and on with this. They will need something and I’ll get a call and yes, I will likely respond in good time and help where I can. I cannot alter who I am based on others shortcomings. Or have they always been like that and it is my expectations that are let down? Unfortunately, these expectation are what I have learned to be needed in moving forward. These communication issues apply to several people in my circle of business. OK. In summary – COMMUNICATE and TOGETHER ADVANCE and by TRIAL & ERROR success will grow in your given endeavors.

Some of the week was doing tax stuff – working on a CDI theatrical film series and a spotlight retail for our product with a major retailer. These deals are all moving forward step-by-step as all journeys do.   CDI is growing a new TV/Web Division due to new Network contacts we’ve developed. There will be some new announcements in the weeks to come about all this.

Also I’m putting together my program for speaking engagements. I’ve been paid to be a key-note speaker at Michigan State University, speaking on SHOW + BIZ.  After many interested parties asking would I speak here and there I’ve decided to go beyond my blog and  do more speaking engagements. I would also say I’ve been inspired by some of these TED talks:)

Interested parties can contact MP Talent:  malinda@mptalentagency.com

“Darkest Night” theatrical cut is DONE! PR will go out this week likely but again you heard it here first. We are getting a great list of distributors who want to attend a late May screening of the film in L.A. area. If you are a distributor out there drop me an email and I will see about adding you to that list. New promo material will be hitting very soon!

Other than that – working on getting producers rep agreements on both the above film and foreign rep for “Deadly Renovations” which announced an Aug. 7th release domestically!

I was contacted about a few acting projects. As I stated before looking for a solid May project before I get thrown into a larger multi week shoot that spans a few states. CDI is also playing a part in all that by providing all the EXTRAS (Making of, behind the scenes, interviews…) and so if you out there are about to film your movie and need marketing…CDI. Also if you have a chunk of money and want to make a film you can communicate with me and we can discuss an association. I cannot fund your projects at this time because if I have funds open they are directed to the tried-and-true tribal projects. If you bring your own funds and want to glean upon our experiences both good and bad – please do. Scripts, castings, distribution are all areas that will have strong contacts in and that not everyone can immediately step into.  So if you have the will and the worth but not the experience it might make a good collaboration.

I think in summary we are open to working with others but these are a few simple rules to remember

1) If I’ve never met you and we’ve never done business – I can’t recommend you on LinkedIn,in-person and so on. Facebook friend does not = friend often it is peer or associate

2) This above statement applies also to getting through phone doors. You cannot say I’m friends with “DJ Perry” off a blind accept on social media built for fans, friends, family and peers – Can you say Godfather, Godmother calls? Also a friendly reminder – REMEMBER the folks who do open the doors for you. Going around people will usually screw you at some point. For many it is when I get a call asking “who is so and so” and I respond “I don’t know” …deal blown.

3) Don’t use acting roles with me to try to bait producer action – 9 out of 10 times it will not happen especially if you are bringing nothing to the table.  Our production funds are invested within the Tribe – period. Want in the tribe? Bring something to the table…

We can start with those three little rules:) Feel free to explore more at the http://www.cdiproductions.com site. I’m excited by some of the future projects and I do hope to expand the tribe. If you possess respect, loyalty and hard work and know how to stand accountable – maybe we will see you in the future here at CDI.

Have a great Easter and be good to one another.


The Way of the Warrior

The last couple weeks have been an uphill march but I’m seeing the lush land beyond. Often we suffer the setbacks of our own expectations. Even more often it is our inability to see the full picture. Also having issues outside our control is another trigger for some people. I do say that if you don’t have ego armor and a constitution of steel Entertainment might not be the business for you. Now I did not say hobby as I know many people with the 9-5 who act at the community theater, dink with filmmaking or play music for fun, but as a full-blown business takes so much more. I’ve also noted that when the march is on and strong folks push to walk shoulder to shoulder with you but if things turn on you many will seek a distance. With this they are only too eager to return again when things look good. It is the character of people that counts. I don’t judge that character in times of bounty but in drought. I always like the idea of George Washington with his soldiers at Valley Forge. No shoes, food, tired, home sick…sounds like a team after a long post-production:) I think much of my success has been built upon failures. You learn from experience and put these new approaches into action. I am a warrior. Some know of my martial arts background which I no longer wear on my sleeve. To me it is a way of life, of thinking or being. I’ve got some seasoned warriors and I’ve got some new enthusiastic warriors that have joined the march. I try to lead by example and I’m happy when I see others take to this example. My path is the way of the business artist not one to being a celebrity. If the work is celebrated by others which it has been, great. Do not seek fame for fame sake would be my advice to many out there. It is a false power given by others and can be taken away as easily as given. The artistic spring a warrior draws from relies not upon anyones granting of fame.

OK. Onto some updates…

– Yesterday and today associates of mine on projects of mutual interest are being discussed and deals made. I’m excited to see how things evolve the next week in the wake of these meetings.

– A theatrical showcase of CDI films may be soon put into play with an Arts Council showing the evolution of films.

– CDI will soon have some announcements about a WEB/TV Division of CDI that will include a few pilot projects.

– “Donor” trailer should be arriving in the near future.

– “Darkest Night” is setting up for a L.A. screening for distributors late May and already we have interested parties coming to the table. Also we are in development on our 2nd associated film with GPI “The Beast”.

– “Deadly Renovations” has officially announced August 7th as our domestic DVD release date. VOD?PPV may be same day or slightly thereafter. Also new foreign sales path under way with a larger sales rep. More soon!

– Development continues on several fronts and we are gaining traction.

– “Locked in a Room” EMBRACE THE MADNESS! A May 3rd screening in Canton, MI is being set up and final editing tweaks are being made. This film from an earlier work cut reminds me if FEAR & LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS, MEMENTO and SAW had a baby:)

Other than all that I’ve been approached about another faith-film and I think I’ve got a few of those in my near future. I’ve been working with Ray (Book of Ruth) and we are close to launching a few new films there as well. Today it is a trip up North for family Bday celebration and just getting ready for a new week ahead. Things could go from ZERO to 60 real fast pending a few of these weekend meetings underway. I’m excited to share more on all that but patience must be had by all.

Keep up the good fight artistic warriors and have a great weekend!


Be Patient and be Productive!

Friends I’m back to chat up all my journeymen artists out there on this fine Saturday. I’ve been going with the flow just like my morning coffee:) It was an interesting week as they almost always are. Writer/producer Russ Williams (Darkest Night)  sent me an email with a link


It has some trendsetting reviewer on IMDB.com who compiled the Top 25 anticipated horror films of 2012. Our film “Darkest Night” was listed at #12. It will be coming out of post at the end of March and already many distributors are checking in with me to see if they can get a look at the film. http://www.darkestnightmovie.com

The dark thriller “Deadly Renovations” http://www.deadlyrenovations.com will make its 1st international appearance next month at the Hong Kong market with Acort International. My fellow filmmakers from Yuma have also been busy. I’m just about done with my role in “Donors” and principal photography in Yuma, AZ is about done. Also Robert Gwinn is working to package his next feature “Virtue”.

I’ve had some conversations with Larry Simmons about “Locked in a Room” another CDI associated property and it is being prepped for summer theatrical showings. More as this develops.


“SOUL EATER” may have just found its main bad guy in a WWE personality. We have his interest now a formal offer needs to be put together and approved by WWE.

“SECONDARY HEROES” – we are making some moves both in casting and location lockdown. Budgeting and sponsorship talks are just beginning. Location scouting is also underway and this project is shaping up nicely. http://www.secondaryheroes.com is our new Official Site. It is not stocked with info but will grow more in the coming weeks.

Writer/Director Jeff Kennedy is also soon to reveal the 1st part of a 4 part “Mythos” script which will surely be interesting! Some of his work can be seen nationally late 2nd quarter with the releases of “Figure in the Forest,” “Heaven’s Neighbors” and a Blu-Ray release of “An Ordinary Killer” that he co-directed with Anthony Hornus.

Speaking of Anthony – upcoming screenings of “Outside the Wire” will soon be announced and development has been underway on “A State of Hate” renamed “Race to Judgment”. Also a good sit-down lunch meeting with Mr. Delvon Roe has him joining the cast. Rewrites are about complete and so Anthony has been turning some attention towards this project.

I could go on about development for another page or so but you get the point – BUSY!

I’ve got a big project “Henry Ford” I’m part of going up June/July timeframe and so I’m busy evaluating the Spring projects that will shoot prior. I would really like to see if “Soul Eater” can shoot just before that rolls cameras. I have to be patient as these things work themselves out. I just want to lock down a schedule within all this chaos of offers.

I’ve got a few projects by friends or with friends involvement that I’ve trying to make a priority. I know well a day will come where I can’t do projects with everyone. As my shoot days get longer on these bigger projects I can see where/why some actors only do a few projects a year. I may have two of those kind of projects this year and I still want to do some of our own projects for sure. So patience and I again have to dance the dance.

Until next time – be patient and be productive!


Hard blowing, sideways snowing, coffee flowing – Saturday chill!

Hard blowing, sideways snowing, coffee flowing – Saturday chill! So it was a long week but so very productive. Let’s start with premiere showings. Thursday night at the GRAM (Grand Rapids Art Museum) fans got a 1st look at “7 Stones”. This action/drama is a very strong character study with lessons to be learned. They are going to spend the final 3 weeks polishing the sound mix and CGI. It was a fine night and I was proud to be there with all the other artists. Other festival and public theatricals will be coming. We have a meeting next week to discuss the course of all this.

Last night in San Diego at the San Diego Black Film Festival “Locked in a Room” had a 1st showing. I was not able to attend as I had the premiere the night before as the male star and tomorrow I have a NYC trip to pick up film stock. So I’m very interested to see what the audience reaction was to the film as I have yet to see the full finished film.

Several of my films are prepped to go out to the marketplace with NEW VIDEO distribution. They are best known for cable network releases and we were awaiting them to finalize their Wal-Mart deal. They also announced they now have a theatrical division from a merger. We also have a deal in the works to work with Missionary International to focus on the faith retailers. I’m hearing late 2nd quarter for the titles which will include Blu-Ray releases of “An Ordinary Killer,” “Judges” and “Blood Ties” and DVD/VOD releases of “Figure in the Forest” and “Heaven’s Neighbors”.

It has been decided that a high-end action packed investor trailer for “Sherwood Horror” will be shot to show the studios. So I’ll be prepping to play Rob Locksley which will be shot in VA with some of my close actor friends that have been cast by director John Regan. I’ve been training daily as I always do but I’m going to step that up some so I can really bring the action. Needless to say – I’m excited.

Also I’m limited to what I can say on this project but I had the pleasure of reading the final shoot script on a project I’ll be shooting in Dearborn, MI, New Orleans and Toronto. This project is with the same team doing the “In Our Time” (Jesus) project but is first on the slate. I can announce that it is called “Henry Ford: An American Legend” and I know that it is already in process with the Michigan Film Office. This is slated for a May/June start and will release with a major studio. I’ll release more info as I’m allowed.

I’ve got several projects in the Feb-April time frame and we will see where the pieces fall. We also have several projects of our own in development and they are looking strong. I also heard the rough draft of “Darkest Night” at the theatrical run time is done and they will be polishing that up with March being the finish date.

I’ll wrap this up for now. There is a lot of 2012 business at hand. Work hard and create your own opportunities. They don’t all come and drop in your lap so be smart.

I hope you all have a productive week!


Be a Person of Action! & “Locked in a Room” to Screen!

What a beautiful, beautiful snowy day! I must admit that I do love snow. I like when the world slows to a crawl and we all are granted a gentle peace. I’ve enjoyed easing back into the artistic world of filmmaking in 2012. This year has the potential to just really blossom. We have a half-dozen films that will premiere or hit the marketplace this year. Yesterday I was proud to see many films I’ve worked on playing on the new streaming Netflix platform. Ghost Town, Miracle at Sage Creek, Blood Ties, Book of Ruth with even more on the mail version. One issue is that the data entry isn’t all updated so several other films of ours are on Netflix but you just have to search by film title. Each of those films had friends of mine that have passed – Bill McKinney, David Carradine and Russ Stine. I watched a few minutes and recalled our friendship brought together over storytelling.

Onto the present and future…

“Locked in a Room” has been accepted and invited to show prime time at the 10th San Diego Black Film Festival 2012. Friday Jan. 27th at 7:30 pm!

Check it out on IMDB
I will have to promote this more to my California friends. I have to speak with our director Larry as I got this news yesterday . That said, I likely will not attend that showing because I have a big red carpet premiere for “7 Stones” in Grand Rapids, MI on the 26th of Jan. at the art museum there. I’m sure our film will be well represented and FINALLY we get to see what audiences say about “Locked in A Room”!
This week has brought many good meetings and some with results. A development slate with a studio may get approved soon. I cannot ever be 100% positive on many of these deals because of this being my first time working many of these kind of deals.  I’ve aligned myself with some good seasoned producers to learn from. I’m also continuing to help those less experienced than myself. A circle of helping. Now that said, I cannot possibly help everyone hence why I really love this blog. I’ve had to struggle very hard to get to certain places on my path. It’s scary when I look back on what I did not know when I started. I still have days of mild fear of what I don’t know still ahead of me. I always respond by just center myself and bringing it back to my personal mythology. Don’t be afraid to live.
Please read the tao of DJ at the top of this page if you have not. I find the courage to keep on because that saying that the only thing to fear is fear itself really has some true meaning. Don’t be afraid to fail! Most of us, most of the time will to some extent. This is especially true when you first set out on a new journey. If you devote the time to educating yourself on your passion and taking thought out actions, you will break down walls and move forward.
I want to mention someone in here. Jon Moody is a young man who was really just a young kid when we first started communicating. He knows some of my Virginia film friends and has always had a passion for the craft. He had/has a radio show that he uses to pick the brains of doers in this biz that have found success. He later started writing and making low quality horror shorts. I know low quality as I also started with home video skits and such. I’ve watched him refine getting tighter writing. I’ve seen the growing production values and just learning from actual experience that you can never get in a book. He would probably tell you that 97% of what he has tried to do has fallen apart, didn’t gel or is just out of reach at this time. It is that amazing 3% that takes you to that next level. Another friend said, you work twice as hard for half as much and he might have generous in his words. You must go after what you want.  The world really does not owe anyone anything. It’s all action and reactions and so be a person of action. The world will react to your actions. Keep up the fight Mr. Moody and all of you out there striving to live your dream.
In Other Film News
This week I got a funny clip from Nathan Quinn from “Unconventional” for my reel. I was lacking footage from my comedy films. I’ve got two acting deal memos being worked on. I’ve done a little script writing here and there this week for fun. I can talk about one film which is called “Donors”. I’m playing well…an antagonist. Okay THE antagonist. Bad guy DJ:) More info on this film soon. I’ll leave you with that info as a teaser. That deal paperwork is coming over today so I’ll let that be the teaser until that is in place.
I’m looking forward to the next week – be active!

A 2012 Preview!

As  2011 is coming to a close we can celebrate our survival of the ups and downs of the year. Once again we brought the CDI tribe together and renewed our bonds of friendship and toasted to the approaching 2012! The venison steak chili got huge raves and part of that was because of ONE DROP HOT SAUCE. (One of our sponsors) Homemade lilac wine and super-punch put the Holiday spirits into everyone.

This year saw CDI associated projects like “Deadly Renovations” www.deadlyrenovations.com (formerly Renovation) sign worldwide distribution. The powerful doc “Outside the Wire” had multiple theatrical showings and also is entertaining worldwide distribution offers. “7 Stones” and “Locked in a Room” will be coming out of post for a 1st showing early in 2012. CDI also had its 1st international production with “Darkest Night”. I went back to Manila, Philippines at years end for a promotion tour. These are the 1st steps in CDI building Asian distribution ties and participating in forthcoming productions.

New sponsors from candles to moonshine have aligned with CDI and we’ve got a larger development slate than we’ve ever had at CDI.  Everyone of our CDI directors are in development and we’re working hard to package/fund these exciting projects that will carry CDI forward into the future.  CDI’s directors are eager to be back and helm their own projects. We’ve got pieces coming together. Lets take a peek at what a few of these projects are and who is behind them.

“A State of Hate” and a follow-up project in the “Outside the Wire” series are both in development with Anthony Hornus and CDI. Script polishing on “A State of Hate” and outlining on the “Outside the Wire” follow-up have had Tony very busy.

Jeff and Juanita Kennedy have been busy working on new material as well. One project is the popular format of four stories that intersect one another. The film entitled “Mythos” is said to have a gothic horror tinge to it. It’s designed as a project to shoot between the larger projects. The first part will be casting to shoot very soon!

Dean Teaster has a new project that looks like it’s moving into pre-production very soon. It’s called “Long Road Home” and is one very inspiring drama. We’re working to lock distribution before moving to the next phase on this project.

CDI alumni Stuart MacDonald is gearing up to direct “Secondary Heroes” which has been casting and location scouting. It will shoot part in Michigan and part in Ohio.

The forces that be are also lining up for “Soul Eater”.  This prequel to “The 8th Plague” should roll into production in 2012. We’ve been in talks with the film office and looking at locations. Paul Goldblatt is back to helm the special FX so fans will be happy about that.

“Wild Michigan” disappeared suddenly off IMDB but while it still holds the hardest to launch record “Holly, Jingles and Clyde” is trying to catch it. I still have a lot of faith in these two projects and before they throw dirt of me I will make those two films! “Make my word” – Ricky in “Trailer Park Boys”

I’ve got other faith films developing with Reel Frog Films and a solid slate with Gothic Pictures International. Now if we add in the acting projects which I’ve had more scripts/offers for 2012 than any other year that I can think of. I think overall filmmakers are ready to make 2012 into a great year of storytelling!

Part of getting distribution and getting sales strong lie in good marketing. That is one thing that we at CDI have gotten to be very good at. We go after the grassroots marketing as well as the mainline PRNewswire avenue. Our last send out reached over 120 million exposure hits and again had our story in New York Time Square. We’ve used the newswire releases on products as well as the feature films. We’ve done “Making of’s” for other companies, graphic work and poster concepts and now for 2012 CDI is going full ahead with our marketing division. This year saw our sales team and legal fall into place with our commercial production. Now the overall division is officially opening for business. CDI Marketing!

See the new site at:


For me it’s back to a bit of script reading and looking at proposed schedules for 2012.

For all of you who are getting crazy for the Eve of 2012 please be safe!

I’ll see you in 2012!