“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Goofy University Politics & Freedom 35!

The news is full of the tragedy caused by one individual. I guess you can conversely look at the good each of us could do if we set our mind to it. I think that is why I like telling these stories so that you can first entertain and then educate. You can sometimes illustrate such important life lessons in a way that really touches folks. It is one of the reasons I so enjoy what I do. I’ve spent some time on the last few blogs discussing some of the issues facing folks working in the entertainment field in the smaller markets. As you all know I’m acting in a project for Grand Valley University that puts seasoned vets with students. Their project’s working title was “Realizism” which was totally  confusing and really missed the mark. As someone who often deals with distributors and marketing folks I can tell you it was just a bad title. Well, a better title was agreed upon and that was “Strippers” a bit of a tease to the dirty minded. Actually the script has NOTHING to do with pole swinging ladies. It is about a Robin Hood like gang who strips foreclosed houses of valuable resale items. Some university person is giving the director a hard time over the title which has already gone out in PR releases and such. WHY? That would be like someone saying they need to change the name of the toy cowboy “Woody” in TOY STORY because it makes people think of hard penis’. So I think the college needs to police their own to make sure no locker room buggery if being covered up and not worry about a film title that could have a “naughty” meaning if taken out of context. Maybe they should stop RUSHING because that could also mean a sniffing drug or illegal running in the school halls. Or how about TA (Teaching assistant) because that could mean tits and ass. Or School Spirit could be about occult, dark magic and ghosts, better lose that. HIGH SCHOOL – a place of getting buzzed or high…I think whomever is complaining has an issue of sitting around waiting for any trigger to distract them from their work and flood them with images of “NEXT UP ON STAGE, IT’S CANDY!” (Cue Motley Crews “Girls, Girls, Girls”) So whomever it is I would call them out in a heartbeat in front of the largest college body I could. This is college and the arts – so please. Just get your dollars and go contribute to some dancing girl college funds you misguided fool.

OK. Freedom 35! Anyone who knows me well knows that “The Trailer Park Boys” is one of my absolute favorite comedy shows. It is from Canada and not for minors. The long short is I’ve taken DVD’s of them to many film sets and converted many into fans of this little show that became the #1 comedy in Canada. I communicated with the director and got permission for my character to wear a logo sweatshirt in the “STRIPPERS” film. It was a very cool gesture on Mike’s (Director) part and I thank him sincerely. To me the TPB are the 3 Stooges of our era. Check them out and prepare to laugh!

Many other deals still underway which could have several projects filming over the next few months. I’ve been in talks on a few other acting gigs including the one in France. I heard yesterday they are attaching me so if the business can come together I could be Paris bound. I also have a meeting coming up where CDI with their GPI partners will produce a pilot for a TV series in the Philippines that is in the vein of “American Horror Story”. The pilot has been greenlit and they want me to play the antagonist shooting a couple of days when I’m there at year’s end to promote “Darkest Night” into Philippine theaters. I’m waiting on the script but it sounds great. They would shoot 13 shows back to back in Feb. 2013 or so for broadcast.

We have been gearing up hard for “Deadly Renovations” heading to Netflix (save it now) and other retailers in late August. Some get the film on the 21st and others the 27th. I’ve been told VOD will be in September. We also might have a forthcoming announcement on the 1st foreign sale.

I think I will leave you all with this info to chew on. I report to location tomorrow and I have packing to still do. I’m ready to have a great time filming “STRIPPERS!” I said it! “STRIPPERS!” Some people just need to pull their head out of their backside just enough so they can see where they are going. I think I owe Dave Borowicz’s dad a royalty dollar for using his line:)

Have a great weekend.


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  1. Hi,DJ! First time I have read your blog. It’s great! Wish you luck in all you ahve going right now. Seems like the world is turning in your direction and I know you will make the best of it. See you when you get back from “Strippers”!

    July 21, 2012 at 11:24 am

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