“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Getting Hammered and Nailing Who…

Ah Michigan Cherry Coffee is what is flowing today. I went to bed early after another day yesterday of bouncing between biz emails and working on the office. I remember when terms like “getting hammered” and “nailing” had totally different meanings. I was trying to nudge some foam insulation into place and hit my thumb for the first time. I have a purple color thumb that hurts and is quite stiff. The floor layout is in and today we will work on the upper office level. It will be nice to have meeting place/office all in one place. My work has gotten more and more complicated and so this will really help organize as I move to the next level of it all.

I went in and did my final ADR work for the needed scene on “Locked in a Room” and so that can soon be off to the distributor. I’m looking to have VOD places and dates on “Deadly Renovations” very soon here. I also hope to have some distribution release news on a handful of other properties of ours. Stay tuned on all that.

“Ashes of Eden” is plugging away on dev work in hopes of setting official pre-production days and shoot dates. Our target start is in Oct. and things are coming together. We’ve been meeting over crewing and casting and have made some choices. We are about to release our first attached cast today or tomorrow in our second PR release. Dean Teaster is on-board as a Co-Producer to handle all our accounting.  Jesse Low is our 1st AD and has been working our schedule. Eric Procter has been working as a location manager. I also think we are close to announcing that Mr. Dennis Therrian will be involved in our post production will score and sound design. That is exciting to me as he has been our post supervisor on many pictures now and always brings the quality and professionalism I expect.

I’m thrilled at my character work in “Ashes of Eden” playing a rogue who chose a path and upon meeting the film’s lead recalls when he too stood at that fork in the road. Old friends, new friends…We are going to make a great film.  Look for our exciting press release!

I could go on about some of the development projects gaining ground but I will wait until I have more to report. I smell breakfast cooking and venison chili for later today. I need to go get ready for another full day of work on the office. MSU plays today so I hope that is another victory!

Enjoy the beautiful day and be productive!


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