“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Creative Endeavors in Motion

In one hour my alumni MSU will kick off against the Fighting Irish. I will take some moments to eat and enjoy the Michigan fall day. The last four days have been dealing with past, present and future. It is a delicate balance between it all. I’ve been working to establish my home base for work and creative endeavors.

My projects have become numerous and I’ve got folders and files at three different locations. I’m going to unify all that once and for all and increase the efficiency of my operations. It has been a great couple weeks as we work on final development for a new film “Ashes of Eden” and deals are underway for several of the CDI library.

I’ve been dealing with a few small issues on one of the films. It is funny how at the end of the day it really only requires good communication to work these things out. I often play the part of the guy who keeps his cool and just looks at the options and choices are made. There are many emotionally charged folks in the entertainment business and that can hinder if allowed. While I consider my passion for the arts to be charged I also think I save most of my high energy for ACTION:)When it comes to business it is usually a step by step deal.  So this weekend I’m helping one associate deal with a film issue and we have been wrapping distribution items up for delivery on another. Every week is revising “TO DO” lists and crossing stuff off!

After much back and forth a few TV deals may be looming.  These deals are only for a few of the films but you will have to wait to hear more on that. I also know “Outside the Wire” is getting ready to make some announcements and updates. We do have a couple of films heading to big festivals for audiences to enjoy. (Benjamin, Darkest Night)

Additional development work has been steady and I can see a busy 2013 shaping up. This year has brought some good filmmaking and artistry to the screen. I’m looking forward to bringing more of these stories to you all out there.

Tomorrow is the start of soccer play offs so that will be fun. The cool Sept winds have been wonderful for inspiring my morning hazelnut coffee:) That sounds like a good idea:) I’m going to sign off likely to have a beer and watch MSU but coffee might still be good!

Have a great Sat.


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