“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Distribution & Gearing Up on “Ashes”

MSU is playing on TV. I’m full of great coffee and some breakfast as I make my way through a slew of emails. It has been several days of just classic Michigan fall. I’ve been burning brush from the tree cutters while spending a few days on the home office. It also looks like Monday we will go full steam ahead on “Ashes of Eden”.

I’m excited to see this film launch. It will be a great way to end the year dropping me right off on the doorstep of the holiday season. We have spent weeks prepping for official pre-production so we can shave a week off. As it stands right now we should be rolling cameras on Oct. 29th. It will be a very busy time these next few weeks. If my communication is slower this week please do forgive me. We did just announce a few more new cast members and more will be announced this week. I’m excited about the cast shaping up and you can look them up on IMDB or the “Ashes of Eden” website.

Also we are locking in our US?Canada deal on “Darkest Night” and will announce the street date at our Oct. 20th showing in San Francisco for the FACINE Film Festival. Also final mix underway on “Locked in a Room” to deliver to our distributor. Also “Donors” announced that the music score will be done in Michigan by our associate Dennis Therrian. He also was announced for the post audio/score work on “Ashes of Eden”.

Other than that I’ve had some new sales/distribution folks initiate talks about our products past, present and future. We are also waiting on licensing agreements for a few CDI properties that will be coming to TV. If you own a company and are interested in sponsorship in our “Ashes of Eden” please contact me directly at perrydj@aol.com we have several on board already. I hope you all enjoy the beautiful day and harvest the goods of your past year.


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