“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Piece by Piece – Making Moves

It has been a whirlwind week to be sure with crewing and casting calls before the cameras roll on the 29th of Oct. The hazelnut coffee is flowing and I’m excited that we DO have a sponsor for all our coffee on set! This will be announced soon with all our other business sponsors. What a great opportunity  for them and for this film that will be released into worldwide markets in 2013. We’ve made some great cast announcements as of this morning including the addition of our film’s young lead RED. Who?  Go seek out our ASHES OF EDEN website and Facebook and you will see:)

So I took the day again to work on the new office. We have it roofed but still need 3 pieces of the steel up in the overhang. We got hit by heavy rain today so we put in all but two of the windows and insulated more. I spent quite a bit of time high up on the ladder. Up there I imagined what others who had to work at real heights went through while working. High atop bridges, buildings, Mount Rushmore…

Building on this project has helped me put things into perspective again on how pieces all add up. Enjoying the fall leaves, cool breeze while burning brush in the fire pit. Piece by piece it comes together much like a film:) Or a career. You do a little here, a call there, send this off…it all adds up. I said that early in my career that if everyday I do one thing by years end I will be that far ahead of the next person. Maybe they did one thing that week to help themselves move ahead. Work hard and things will happen.

Other than that it has been gathering distribution materials, setting up some post-prod., licensing TV deals, development discussions and so on. That said, the actor in me is most excited by the story that will soon unfold before us. I’ve produced larger and smaller films but at the core it all comes together the same. A group of artists pooling together their talents. So I plan to do what I do. Make a movie. We have two weeks from Monday before we roll so we will work steadily forward. We will put the pieces of the puzzle into place. Just like the office building – piece by piece. Just like our goals piece by piece. Just like our dreams – piece by piece!

Living our lives – piece by piece:)

Have a great weekend.



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