“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Autumn Film Updates

So this has been a wonderful week of prepping for the “Ashes of Eden” shoot. I’m actually writing this Sat. night so I can actually catch some of you up on the events as of late. We assembled an excellent crew – so much that for the last two nights I’ve looked to my phone for texts or emails with fires to put out or issues to address. It has been quiet. The office today was just a relaxing atmosphere. We’ve got a great cast and a powerful story to tell. We’ve got a few major studios tracking us and I think this film will be a classic. It has been front and center but in no way is it the only thing moving forward.

“Locked in a Room” completed final mix and was delivered to the distributor. More announcements there very soon. “Darkest Night” had its first US showing where it announced that it will release in the USA on March 22nd, 2013. I’m told that the S. Korea deal is now underway and I’ve very excited for US fans to see this film. It also took home a contribution award for the bridging of East/West at the FACINE festival in San Francisco. As for “Deadly Renovations” it opens on various VOD networks on Nov. 1st so look for it there or buy at amazon.com, rent at Blockbuster but enhance your Halloween experience:)

Speaking of that I want to thank Nancy Gideon for the wonderful interview she did for her Haunted House online site. It was good to talk about film past, present and future:) Thank you Nancy.

I’m waiting on release dates nationally for “Heaven’s Neighbors” and “Figure in the Forest” after a deal with our rep went South last year. It has been reset and will finally be coming to you on DVD. Also some TV play looks to be at hand so stay tuned there as well.

I’m told “7 Stones” will be done Nov 15th and will play TV in December and I do hope that it does. Also I got to see a rough cut of “Realizism” and it is one funny film. Joe Andersen is one funny man:) “Donors” is in fine editing before moving to music and sound design. I will be releasing the new poster here soon that showcases  Dr. Savior on the poster as well as our female lead Niki Saletta.

“Benjamin” is playing a few more festivals internationally and will be heading for theaters in early 2013. I’ve seen working cuts but I’m anxious to see the final film. Jon Osman was a great director to work for and I think he might just have something special. My buddy Carlucci from “Karma” and “Benjamin” is onboard “Ashes of Eden” and so it will be cool to see him in a few days.

The NEW fort office is structurally sound and while I’m working the AOE production office the inside wiring and walls will be worked on. I’ve been packing up the old fort office and soon the transition will be complete. A new chapter will begin and I for one am ready to attack 2013. We have another paid of biblical era films and Dean Teaster’s “Long Road Home” looks close to financing. I have several other film partnerships underway and I hope they get to be told in 2013.

Well, I’m happy that I had a chance to really fill you all in on my endeavors as of late. I’m a person who loves fall and this thinning of the veil.

Dance ye round the balefire:)


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