“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

On the Open Sea…

The ship has moved powerfully through the open waters. The crew expertly navigates the winds and the ship glides forward towards the final destination. Leaders emerge and others stumble as the demands of the ship are met. Success comes from prep and planning – organizing and initiating battle plans. The rations have to be distributed and the wants are separated from the needs. It is a on-going thing day by day looking for strain on the ship. We are moving forward with keen eye on a date – sailing along  – the sailor on the sea of fate.

So we have seen some amazing work on ASHES OF EDEN thus far.  Next week starts the next 3rd of our film and introduces a whole slew of characters into our story. We also will start the week with our few kinks worked out.

“Deadly Renovations” is now sprouting up on VOD so if you have been waiting for ON DEMAND check it out now! “Darkest Night” announced March 22nd as the release date in US/Canada. ‘Locked in a Room” is delivered to our distributor there and we hope to have some release dates soon. A few TV licenses are underway and maybe a few more street dates on projects moving towards release. “Benjamin” playing festivals – overall great movement.

I’m excited on the actor level to bring my character in ASHES OF EDEN to life. I’ve been building him bit by bit and soon he will live on-screen.

Back to work here!

Happy Saturday,


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