“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Falling Snow, a Month to Go!


So I got up this morning to find beautiful white snow falling gently across the outdoors. And with that I had to get some steamy coffee to sip upon. It has been a relaxing couple of weeks post ASHES. It has been spent wrapping up paperwork, unpacking office and getting ready for the holidays and the new year beyond. This year really saw some good work finalize. Several films came out of post and a few moved into distribution. Even as we speak more are chugging down the line in post-production. Did I say that beautiful flakes of snow are falling!


On the 10th of December here a showing of “7 Stones” will happen on TV in western Michigan. Our first foreign distribution of “Deadly Renovations” will be announced in Jan. 2013. New trailers are forthcoming on “Darkest Night” and “Locked in a Room” both signed for domestic distribution and will release nationally in 2013. A re-release of a horror classic “The 8th Plague” is now an instant download on amazon after signing with a new distributor. “Book of Ruth” getting into many of the mass superstores for Christmas. I know I’m missing some of these announcements but 1st cup of coffee:)


I’m looking hard at 2013 at projects both acting and producing. I think a few of the projects could move into the pre-production gates. It is such a crazy process that really has a life of its own. I’m tempted to look for some deep meaning topic to delve into but as I catch glimpses of falling snow I don’t feel like it. Life will always have issues – some great and some small. I’m appreciative and thankful that mine this year are all small. I hope that each of you out there enjoy the day, the weekend and the remaining year.


Be kind to one another.









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