“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Hints, Teasers, Radio, Rumors and Releases

It’s to be 50 some degrees in the Michigan on this fine day which is quite unusually for this time of year. Since getting an electric inspection on my office I can now fill in my trench ends. The yard work today will be a nice change from the hectic schedule of the past week. The new year has started with a bang of enthusiasm. I had days filled with phone calls, table meetings, email exchanges, Skype and so on – which all adds up to what will surely be a great 2013 for film work.

Already  a few new teasers have released

“Donors” teaser

Realizism teaser

“Ashes of Eden” is in final mix of our first look teaser. A formal release on “Locked in a Room” is forthcoming but At Risk Entertainment brought word from our distributor that March 7th, 2013 is our domestic distribution date for digital release.

I’ve also received the final DVD screener on “7 Stones” which I will review before we start showing some of the TV Networks/Distributors.

Speaking of TV I might have two great announcements from our emerging CDI TV Division in the next few weeks. CDI did release a promo hint that Writer/Director Jeff Kennedy is indeed working on a follow-up to “Heaven’s Neighbors”. That film is awaiting a national release date from Image Entertainment. They will also handle Jeff’s “Figure in the Forest”. It has been hinted at that the DOVE APPROVED “Figure in the Forest” is one of two films recently licensed to a TV Network.

“Darkest Night” artwork and delivery of materials is underway for the March 22nd release. Also next week will be the 1st of CDI/GPI 2013 talks about the additional distribution that will likely consist of Asia/Pacific Rim and the UK. “Deadly Renovations” released its new artwork for the Scandinavian territories.

Jon Moody will be pumping me for film info this Tuesday at 11 PM Eastern. I’ll be interviewed on the Independent Corner radio show. We’ll be talking a lot about my newer films. So make sure to tune in live! Its gonna be a fun show where you can call in. Scary:)


Until next week – enjoy your weekend and keep clawing!


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