“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Harmony of Filmmaking

A wet and crispy chill fills the fall air around us today as we go about our business of prepping a new film. I’m up North with a team representing Collective Development Inc. on what we be our next feature film. I’m once again amazed by the zen-like harmony and calm unity displayed by our phase 1 team. It’s an always a powerful process of collaborative sharing. I love the daily exchange of ideas between creative, passionate professionals. Many should pay attention to that last word. I’ve been proud of our team as we’ve taken meeting after meeting and leave in our wake a strong feeling of pride that people in our own state of Michigan are here to do it right –  to compete in the world market as the auto industry and Motown did/does.  As we’ve been building the launch of our film each and every idea is rationalized respectfully until the best possible solution is presented.  A trouble-shooting tribe of artists whereas subjective choices are made respectfully within solid business perimeters.

So following “Ashes of Eden” last fall we’re once again about to repeat the storytelling process. Some crew are returning and others are new. I’m excited to utilize and collaborate with them all. Too much as of late I’ve heard and seen the ugly side of filmmaking. Over the years I’ve firmly steered away from such traps – the inflated egos, defensive attitudes and overall lack of concern/prep that has left many ships crashed upon the rocks.  Hideous memorials to why our state is often seen as second-rate when it comes to artistic business endeavors.  I’m proud to say that this ship will navigate such pitfalls and I hope all productions seek to do the same. Accept no less I say and take pride in your work. In the end only we will stand accountable for our success or shortcomings.

This project once it was announced in the trades created a good stir and I’m proud to say we’ll be hosting a few seasoned vets in our state. Several others established talents wanted to be on board but schedule  and budget allowed us only to fly in a few. I’m happy to announce Ms. Lana Wood (Diamonds are Forever) and Terence Knox (Tour of Duty), both CDI alumni are participating in our film as well as returning Michigan boy done good – Taylor Nichols. (Jurassic Park 3, Congo) Our Michigan cast/crew will benefit working side by side with these professionals and we will have a chance to show our skills on both sides of the camera. BESTSELLER (www.bestsellerthemovie.com) is prepping to sail and the journey will be exciting.


“Darkest Night” is releasing this month to HULU and that’s great news! Other licensing deals on several of our films are underway and more are developing each week. “7 Stones” also has a VOD and DVD deal underway and I think “Outside the Wire” doc may be next. I was informed this week “Locked in a Room” will be making a theatrical screening Nov 14th at Canton Michigan’s Emagine theater for Fright Night. So more and more opportunities to watch our films will keep emerging as distributor interest continues to grow. Thank you to all the fans for your support from around the world.

I would love to rant on more but I have some budgetary work to attend to. All I have to say is I’m extreme proud thus far of our entire team. As of tomorrow Phase 2 pre-production team members will be joining our family. In another week this ship is going to sail into Michigan history as yet another piece of storytelling uniquely told by our artists. I can’t wait for the audiences worldwide to experience the world we create, the characters that will live within it and the beautiful moody Michigan locations that will be showcased. Have a great day and we will update you again soon.


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