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Week Updates and Going Western (Again)…

As Morgan Earp

It was a long week so I retired early and woke early. I have the coffee flowing and I am happy to send out some updates to the subscribers out there. I’ve been streamlining some CDI company biz in anticipation for some upcoming work. It is funny how the path opens up new adventures simply by walking it.

I got word that “Book of Ruth” will be going to Wal-Mart and other retailers that have yet to carry the title. The film has really done well and in the wake of that we’ve got several other biblical films going up. Three are with Reel Frog and two moving right along are in the CDI stable. It is a growing marketing for us and nothing wrong with entertaining and adding a good message. Watch IMDB and here for some updates very soon.

In the past I’ve been a paid speaker – most recently at Michigan State University as a Key Note Speaker for a creative arts forum. I don’t normally do these events usually because of the plan time and also to schedule around films. Enough people have asked so I have agreed to let MP Talent in Grand Rapids book me into these speaking events. (TO BOOK: malinda@mptalentagency.com) It is a take off on this CLAWING MY WAY TO THE MIDDLE program of mine. It really focuses on bringing a business mentality in with the art. In our industry it is the SHOW+BUSINESS. The focus is NOT – how to act or how to do this or that although those answers can be provided. It is really about getting the straight forward no B.S. advice based on actual trial and error. I attended a film fest mixer in town on Thursday and I really enjoyed seeing some of the younger artists pushing their dreams forward. There are many pitfalls in this business and in life. I know some of this info will greatly help individuals as it already has. So I will be looking forward to sharing.

I think one of the weeks most exciting developments was that I gave interest in playing the legendary cowboy Morgan Earp in a western this fall called “Storm God Rides”. I’m excited that we will likely be filming back on the western set in Mescal Old Tuscan outside Tombstone, AZ. Some of my fellow western actor amigos have also put their materials forward and been cast. I know that my friend and associate Dean Teaster is playing my oldest brother Virgil Earp, so that will be fun. More as this develops but I’ve had fun with the camera tests and I’m ready to ride.

I’m still looking at projects for May and I’ve had a few good projects cross the desk but nothing locked yet. In the meantime I’ve been getting myself ready for soccer, winemaking and getting the garden prepped. It is beautiful here in Michigan and I think it is going to be a great year.

I hope you all have a relaxing weekend.