“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Here comes ‘Heaven’s’ and ‘Figure’ …

So I woke to the sun shining and birds, yes birds singing. Now the coffee is flowing and I’m looking forward to a good day. I have to say that it has been a VERY busy couple weeks but that is because some good things are in motion. I will share a few new updates with you. So have a sip of your own coffee, (I need a coffee sponsor) don’t laugh… ONE DROP HOT SAUCE and BBQ SAUCES are a sponsor of DJ Perry grill and chills:) Sip your coffee and let’s get to the movie news…

We had a great showing of “The Book of Ruth, Journey of Faith” on TBN, a special presentation with no commercial. I had several people  email me or reach out on facebook and that was nice. I encourage viewers to put their thoughts, reviews up on IMDB.com under the film. Of course the trolls and folks with an ax to grind will also come out but like I said before if you don’t take something positive from the film you have issues. WHY? We all face hardships and we all will face death. Friends, love and faith to one another is a lesson that should be taken to heart. It is not perfect and few films are. My own brothers comment was “you looked cold in that 1st scene on the mountain top.” He and his girlfriend watched and they noticed my nipples looked cold. Funny stuff. YES! We froze our butts off. I remember how cold Dan Haggerty, Carman, Salvatore and I were. Robes and sandals as the sun is rising on the windy mountain top was ah…COLD:) It looks great though. Artists do suffer for their art. Anyway, it was nice to see the film on TV and it is for sale on DVD. See amazon or ask your rental/retailers.

Here is a nice review of the film from a NYC source. Thank you Nana.


Following all this I’m very happy to announce that two message filled dramas directed by our own Jeff Kennedy will get a wide DVD releases of “Figure in the Forest” and “Heaven’s Neighbors” in the US via Triumphant Entertainment International and their E1 output. They released “Blood Ties” and “An Ordinary Killer” in Oct. 09. “FIGURE” has started to find an audience after being licensed to TBN last year and “HEAVENS” has been a favorite of fans who have found the quirky comedy/drama that I starred in with Aaron Jackson. This will be the 1st wide DVD release for the two films. “FIGURE” stars Dean Teaster and MaryJo Cuppone and I play a nice support role with BELLE the dog:) Look for new websites, trailers and a July release for the two films.

* I think that with hard times effecting many (myself included) that uplifting stories have gained a new respect but are still a hard sell at times.

On a production note, I think that the two dramas above are deeper more meaningful films than the 1st two CDI films of “Knight Chills” and “From Venus” but filmmakers starting out will have more luck with horror, thriller, action. I think with the other films our “names” as actors have finally saturated into the market place enough that we can push these dramas successfully. Dramas are a steeper hill to climb but the material is very satisfying as Dean’s run in last week with a fan using the “FIGURE” movie to cope with a lost child. POWERFUL. So congrats to all the artists associated with those two films. Big congrats to Jeff Kennedy who directed them both and is slated to direct “Wild Michigan” this year.

Ah…I hear the grunts from here:) Damn “Wild MIchigan”…you watch that film is going to be a BIG hit. I’m going to call it here and now. It has been the biggest pain in the ass. I have a few other films looking for silver and bronze but the GOLD goes to WM. We have torn down the old and have been rebuilding the new. We have some amazing talent looking at the film now and I fully expect to make some announcements soon. We are on a verbal runway and paperwork is starting to be passed around. After all the other issues I will call the troops to war only after we have full coffers.

We are back in shooting on “Locked in a Room” a great little thriller. I will give a few drops here and now. My buddy Carlucci Weyant who starred with me in “Karma, Crime, Passion, Reincarnation” in India is coming to the Michigan to be in the film and also legendary actor Robert Miano. I had a great conversation with them both yesterday and this is happening. I’ve got friends who know Robert but we have not met as of yet so this will be fun.

I’m actively working to bring “KARMA” here to the US this year. It is a very unique movie and I really want to introduce it here. The music reminds me of “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”… That film is one of my favorite HORROR films. Yes. I said horror.

Deals could be looming on two or three other films and we have our fingers crossed with a few TV networks. I think we are at that cool fan crossover point. Western fans are finding our dramas, Crime/thriller fans finding our horror films… Explore:)

“RENOVATION” has been quietly in post but I’ve seen the rough trailer and the color correct tests and I’m being promised any day now…new website coming as well! It will be worth the wait.

Tony Hornus who had a Bday yesterday has been working hard on doing some voice over work for our doc film “Outside the Wire” and I can’t wait to see the film with his track placed. We also have a few things moving with “A State of Hate” that will be Tony’s next CDI film.

Tonight it is off to dinner with some great friends in town for filming. Robert Bradley from “Dean Teaster’s Ghost Town” is in the Michigan and will be going on camera again Sat. Dan Haggerty/Terry Bomar and some of our other great friends are in town for another event and will be joining us for dinner tonight.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. As the ice melts I hope that any interferences to your own dreams and goals also melts away. Work hard and make some time for your loved ones.


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