“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Start the Harvest!

Call me crazy but I LOVE those chill mornings and the fall feeling of Harvest. This year has been a year of recovery for many people. I’ve seen the creative seeds planted into the hard ground and the nurturing throughout the year. This year has not been the grand harvest of some years. Even the Mulberry’s did not come so no new Mulberry wine BUT I did harvest Lilac and that wine is about ready to bottle. A trip down South last weekend had us bringing dried field corn back with us and so the house has these great decorations symbolic of fall. Once the snow falls the squirrels and birds will enjoy them. Our garden is pushing the last beans and tomatoes and I’m sad to say that my pumpkins flowered but never produced.

Many ventures have such growth cycles with setbacks and such. I’m happy that this year I was able to produce some growth in the garden. 2010 will see 4 new projects come to conclusion and many previous projects are finding their way out to the marketplace. I’m excited to hear some feedback on the Jeff Kennedy dramas FIGURE IN THE FOREST and HEAVEN’S NEIGHBORS. The Special Edition of JUDGES coming this fall will be a total RE-EDIT I’m told so that should be exciting. It is also releasing on Blu-Ray and I also hear that BLOOD TIES will also release on Blu-Ray. The UK premiere of “Karma, Crime, Passion, Reincarnation” went well from what heard. The premiere for http://www.renovationthemovie.com is heating up for Oct 23rd in Yuma, AZ with Charles and Robert (producer/director) doing a radio show for INDEPENDENT CORNER with Jon Moody. I’m excited and I hope some of you folks can make it out for what will be a great time.

Monday I get to see the hard work of Tony Hornus and Dennis Therrian from months of post work on OUTSIDE THE WIRE. I’m so proud of those two for all their hard work. LOCKED IN A ROOM and BENJAMIN are approaching final edit and so I’m happy to wait and see what emerges. IN OUR TIME slowly chugs down the taxi runway and I know we are all ready to go when the captain gives the “fasten your seat belt” announcement. So I’m looking at a few September projects and continuing to package on development and also doing some scriptwriting.

Off to play the first play off soccer match in our league and nothing is better than a fall game! Also enjoyed the MSU win and I hope the Lions get off to a solid season.


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