“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Face the Storms

So I awoke to the rumble of thunder and flashes of lightning and decided to get up and start the old coffee pot.. MSU has a great game tonight vs ND so we’ll see how that all goes. It was a long week of slow forward movement and a few new developments. I will say that the Afghanistan doc “Outside the Wire” is wonderful. I think it will be a crown gem for Anthony Hornus who directed and another project that I will be proud to be part of. To see the plight of the unfortunate helps put my own problems in perspective. Producers in NYC and Yuma saw cuts of “Benjamin” and “Renovation” and both seem very happy. I will soon see cuts of the films and I can give my 1st hand impressions but for now I’m going off my fellow producer’s reactions. I still don’t have a firm update on “Locked in a Room” other than it was looking strong and they are trying to get a cut to our producers rep for AFM. (American Film Market)

Communication and movement on “In Our Time” the Jesus film as many call it, first on the official site they stated that Richard Dreyfuss and Jon Voight are now attached vs in negotiations. Also I think our director Jeff Kennedy’s deal is in place. I just remembered that my attorney contacted me and said that “Variety” magazine is preparing an article on me in conjunction with “In Our Time” and when that comes out I’ll let everyone know. We are currently waiting on start dates and in the meantime I’ve got five or six movie opportunities floating about. I’m ready to get back in front of the camera be it as Jesus or someone else.

The Oct 23rd Yuma, AZ premiere is going to be fun. I love showing a film and getting to do a meet and greet afterward. That is always better when the film rocks so I’m in high hopes that people will enjoy it. We are working to get some potential distributors there. Anyhow you look at it fun awaits and it will be nice to see the cast and crew and yes even the Hotel Del Sol.

This is not an easy time right now because scheduling is still up in the air, creative impatience, a new paycheck is always nice and just general frustration over not having my Fall to Spring schedule in place. I’m sure that will get worked out very soon as it always does but the waiting is still not fun. I hope that each and every one of you continue to weather your own personal storms with persistence, patience (as much as you can muster) and conviction. I hear the stories out there and I live my own ups and downs in this industry. It is not always easy to always walk the path of an artist but what we ultimately create is a reward many cannot or do not share in. Many depend on our work to give them that creative nourishment that many occupations often lack.

OK. Enough of my coffee ramblings. As always, I wish all of you the best in your endeavors. Don’t be afraid to face the storms because calm waters are always ahead.


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