“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu


Up early to tackle the list of things to do. Hazelnut coffee in hand I plan out my day still using the old legal pads. Rain has started falling outside (just now) and it adds serenity to the moments here. This week has been fall incarnate with a nice chill and apple cider flowing. Last night was a nice apple wine also made in Michigan and some burgers laced with banana peppers from the garden. I picked what is getting to be the last of the tomatoes and peppers. On my domestic task list is bottling some lilac wine that is about ready now. October 1st is just around the corner and the fall decorations will soon start coming out. Hard to believe the holiday season is approaching as I thought of Xmas for the 1st time yesterday. But before we give into family, friends and holiday much work still to be done!

FIGURE IN THE FOREST and HEAVEN’S NEIGHBORS are now officially out on DVD nationally. Nice new trailer cut by Triumphant Pictures on FIGURE IN THE FOREST. I know amazon.com carries both films as well as an assortment of retailers and rental places. If you get a chance to watch please do post your comments on the IMDB film sites. Now they will also probably attract some trolls but so is the way. Many years ago that was a big concern of our company as the term “haters” is quite well-known. I think they are negative artists who either for lack of starting or finishing or follow-through never get their art out there. When they see other groups or individuals that have taken these steps to get their work out there it feeds more negativity. Others work should inspire us not plant seeds of jealously. I’ve seen or screened many films that I would say are sub-par. Hell, I’ve made or participated in some sub-par films but the thing that puts all those folks into a select club is that they MADE a film. The first step is action and not to be discouraged by setback. If certain people had given up think of all the things we have/use that may not even exist. Light bulbs. Cars. Airplanes. So I say, DON’T HATE, CREATE!

Onto next order of business!

JUDGES – Oct 12th all new cut and also Blue-Ray. I have not seen the new cut by Stephen Walker is very happy with it. Also speaking of all new cuts Mike Deeney has re-cut TANGY GUACAMOLE but no street date is set yet.

I know LOCKED IN A ROOM is moving and RENOVATION is gearing up for the Yuma, AZ premiere so get your tickets. It will be a good time. I also spoke to Jon Osman director of BENJAMIN yesterday and he is very happy and closing in on a final cut. OUTSIDE THE WIRE is having a producers screening this weekend. I feel good that 4 wonderful projects are about to come to the world in 2011!

The much-anticipated IN OUR TIME makes little announcements here and there such as the attachment of Jon Voight and Richard Dreyfuss. I still have no dates yet and I would not be surprised if it drags into the new year. We have a short time before our industry starts to close down for a month. Dec 15-Jan 15 usually. I’ve been taking a read on 3 scripts that came with offers for Oct./Nov. shoots so this week and next week I’ll be trying to solidify just what projects I will take on.

Development of the CDI slate moves steady and we have some amazing people taking interest in our work. No need to get anyone excited at this time but we have always chugged along and continued to produce. New updates to the http://www.cdiproduction.com site including a section for cast/crew calls as we have them. I also was asked to put my thoughts down as a welcome to this site and that can be read at the top under “The Tao of DJ” and so I hope you enjoy.

Please support the artists around you and as always I appreciate the support myself. If you know of an artist that might benefit from these words feel free to pass this link along.

Enjoy the rest of the week!


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