“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Eggnog Coffee and Evaluations

Tauntauns are dead all over the place! Okay I joke, but Michigan has been chilly like Hoth as created by Mr. George Lucas. I’m actually drinking eggnog and coffee and if you have not tried it – do so!  I’ve been working to wrap up my 2010 and prep for the year ahead. I’m excited about what lies ahead. I’ve been approached on many fronts for acting projects and a few productions. We of course are constantly pushing our own properties up that big hill.

I’ve been working with director/writer John Regan who I produced with while  at Lionheart Filmworks on his short “The Flock” those many years ago. We’ve been packaging some interested names on SHERWOOD HORROR and we have recently announced our Marian lead female. Alma Saraci whom I’ve worked with previously in KARMA (I hear may hit US finally in 2011) and BENJAMIN (coming out of post in early 2011).  A few other announcements on that after the 1st of the year.

A STATE OF HATE, WILD MICHIGAN, HOLLY, JINGLES and CLYDE all making strides towards coming to the big screen. OUTSIDE THE WIRE and RENOVATION are waiting to seek the best home in 2011. Several new releases in 2011 and so while the year 2010 like every year has setbacks they will not stop me from where I’m going.

I’ve been asked before if the setbacks ever worry me as in what will people whisper behind my back. Oh, this film under performed. This film didn’t launch in time. This film isn’t done yet? Bottom line is that I stopped listening to any negative long ago. I never have and never will allow myself to be defined by other people. I suggest all you out there also do not.

Persistence! That is why I would not bet against me. I will work this passion of mine well into my winter years because I truly love it. I love the stories of the Rance Howard’s, the Bill McKinney’s, the Lana Woods and the Terence Knox’s of our industry. They can tell you story after story of the ups and the downs. So I say to you, define yourself. Stay in the light and stay happy. Life is short and these are all just things we do while we are here.

I’ve been working to pull clips from a few of my newer films to add to my reels. I’ve got clips coming from BOOK OF RUTH, KARMA and even RENOVATION. Three very different movies, characters and performances. Next year this time I hope to be adding footage from BENJAMIN, LOCKED IN A ROOM, RESURRECTION and maybe even SILVER LAKE, so the cycle continues.

My good buddy Ben Danielson is coming into town and I’m looking forward to seeing him for a few days. I saw many of my old school buddies last night. This is just a great time of year because I’ve been getting to spend time with family and friends and we even had our 1st Xmas get together where I ended up with a VERY soft blanket. NICE:) I’ve been relaxing the brain and trying to look at the big picture. I’m trying to make new decisions for myself, for CDI and that is always exciting.

I hear the mail truck outside and maybe that is some of my gifts I ordered online. Like everyone else I know I’m keeping it modest on gifts but the best gifts are just the laughter and gathering of good people. I’m off now to go get ready to journey into the snow. Stay warm and as for my west coast friends, keep the sun tan lotion on and turn every 15 minutes:)

Happy Holidays!


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