“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

New Voyage Ahead

A well-needed Holiday shore leave with family and friends as we sent off 2010 and welcome in 2011! The ship has been restocked with patience, new experiences, lessons and maps to new unexplored places. The ship is cleaned of all barnacles and negativity from the previous year. As I sip my coffee and think back upon the early days where my heartfelt desires were seen only as pipe-dreams, I smile.

For as long as certain minds dreamed others have stood ready to spread their fear. The earth is flat you’ll sail off the edge. Flight? Poppycock! Horseless carriage? Delusional! If you believe in yourself amazing things can happen but you must not just believe but you must take action!

The New Year of 2011 has a charming ring. I met so many new friends in 2010 and also had a chance to again work with some of my tried and true. Now 2011 will be extremely exciting because of the great talent converging. We all started as novices and it is wonderful to watch as many friends/peers become seasoned vets of their selected professions.

I think in the entertainment industry a layer of folks have tried to firmly entrench themselves along key portals. Some portals are for casting, financing and distribution. These portal guards are playing Red Rover  off the dreams of others. Yes. I brought up the elementary game of Red Rover.  “Red Rover, Red Rover send so and so right over!”  They try to capture these artists and benefit from their work. They try to cast them back but I hate to tell everyone that I was always very good at that Red Rover game. I think once you break through you can move to another level. Funny when these folks realize that you aren’t going away and are actually climbing, a different respect sets in. I’ve personally this year had to give recommendation on many people and/or companies. I always tried to do so fairly. I’m not spiteful, petty and I sincerely wish the best for all. I wish that some of these folks would put the same energy into doing things proper as they do hustling. They might find themselves elevated to another level.

Some of those parasites are destined to stagnate. You have little option other than to move past them. They often say the best revenge is living full and happy. Not sure if I see it as revenge because that still makes the negative/destructive person part of the equation. That said, I do believe people can change if they are given an opportunity and want to. I know maybe that sounds very ROCKY 4 but some people have never been “invested” in. They’ve had to try to scrape together a life filled with greed. A deep desperation for acceptance whereas they gave shells & beads (currency) power over their actions. A desperation to try to have acceptance even at the expense of others. But acceptance isn’t what is gained but further isolation as one’s character is destroyed by these actions.  A person is not made by his trappings. Character cannot be bought, sold or traded.

So one of my faults I’m told lies in my belief/trust in people. I also understand fully that it takes several swings of a hammer to forge a piece of steel into a sword.  Some people may not change easily despite heat, pressure and even force.  I still hold fond thoughts of a few people who’ve done me wrong in business or in friendship. I always hold hope that they will one day find the hammer to help forge themselves into the best person they can be. They may one day come back and make right. That was one of my toasts. I want a few individuals to realize the journey is more important than the destination. I refuse to allow my views of people to be tarnished by the few bad apples along the way. They have to go through life being rotten and wormy. Those apples rarely keep the doctor away. Give poison, get poison!

My fellow associates and friends boarding once again their life ships ready to sail into 2011!

Courage, Spirit of Adventure, Integrity are all attributes that will help you in the coming year. I’ve tried to guide people by my own successes and failures via these words. I’m not sure what storms may lie out at the deep seas of 2011. I don’t know what bounty may be found.  I do know that our ship is solid, my crew is sound and the friendships I’ve been blessed to make deem the journey worthy. It is now January 2nd and the anchors are being hauled up. The crews are kissing their loved ones goodbye. Mentally and often physically these Sailors upon the Seas of Fate (M.M.) are preoccupied by an artistic passion. They have a drive to story tell that makes them complete. Artists are odd to others. They are not content dividing up their time between a work place and a home. They exist as a blur of artistic orgasm and a quilt of commerce based firmly around the act of artistic transference. I could spew on and on about the artistic drive but I’ve spoken about that often elsewhere in this blog. (Feel free to read earlier entries)

IF you know someone “Clawing Their Own Way to the Middle” who might benefit from reading some of these words I would ask you pass the link on – http://www.djperryblog.com. They sent me stats today and literally thousands of people read this blog. I was somewhat stunned. I’m old school and slow to get all tech but I do feel honored by how many people I’ve connected to with these words. Pepper, my fan club prez in Texas was the 1st to encourage me to write a blog. I was kind of like BLOG? Isn’t that what angry, opinionated Perez folks do? Anyone who really knows me will attest that I’m not the one to comment on cars, clothes or even music with any sort of authority. But it seems that my thoughts, views and insights seem to be enough. So for all of you who have taken a moment to follow my wit & wisdom (ha) I thank you.  I left the path of norm to try and follow a dream. So I’m very happy Pepper encouraged me to journal the ups and downs. You can see updates to Pepper’s site at http://www.djperryfanclub.com

Also watch for some upcoming leading ladies to be featured. That features some of the finest actresses I’ve ever worked with. So producer/directors out there take a look. That DJ Perry guy is okay too. He’s a little wordy at times:)

As of tomorrow I will be officially back to business and I’m ready! I’m waiting on my new Vegas shoot dates and I’m excited to show off some new product to distributors. I’m excited to finish projects that are now in process. (See http://www.cdiproductions.com ) I’m also excited to launch certain projects whose time has truly come. Set your sights on the dreams woven within the stars. Raise the sails of self motivation and feel the winds of change blowing in your face. It’s 2011 and this is another year in your own personal mythology. Live full!


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