“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

NEW Acting Role & Many Project Updates

It is another chilly Michigan morning and I have dogs around me, coffee at hand and I’m reflecting on my week. It has been a crazy past two weeks as everyone is coming out of the gate hard. It has been a time of reading scripts, adjusting materials and planning the year ahead. Let’s look at some of the progress.

We signed a deal with Parables TV Network on 2 inspirational films – “Figure in the Forest” and “Wicked Spring”. We will be doing a full PR release this week upon return of the final paperwork. I’m also waiting on release dates for “Heaven’s Neighbors” and “Figure in the Forest” with Image Entertainment.

As I noted elsewhere March is gonna be crazy with “Deadly Renovations” opening the Boarder to Boarder Film Festival in Arizona. “Benjamin” is playing the Long Island Film Festival on March 2nd. “Locked in a Room” releases domestically on March 7th with Echo Bridge Entertainment. On March 22nd “Darkest Night” will release. April 19th is the theatrical release of “Realizism” in Grand Rapids, MI.


I’m happy to announce that also in March I’ve signed a deal memo with One in a Million Pictures to co-star in their film “Somnium”. I will also be releasing more informational on that film as the production company releases it.

The “Ashes of Eden” project is now in editing full steam ahead. Audiences got an exciting sneak peek last week of the teaser trailer. It had thousands of hits in just hours and has been viewed around the world. We will be prepping Dennis Therrian to take on the post work. Also we are close to making an announcement on the next collaboration between Shane Hagedorn and I with our companies.

The editing on “Donors” should be closing up and that will also be coming here to Michigan for composing with the previously mentioned Dennis Therrian. We are also getting ready to send screeners around on “7 Stones”. CDI might be announcing some TV projects they are developing/producing and that will be exciting.

I may be missing something but I think I gave a good update. We have lots of development going on and I’ve had several people approach with acting offers so I’m also looking at those properties. I look forward to a great 2013 and I hope yours is also full of productive art and business.


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