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NEW Acting Role & Many Project Updates

It is another chilly Michigan morning and I have dogs around me, coffee at hand and I’m reflecting on my week. It has been a crazy past two weeks as everyone is coming out of the gate hard. It has been a time of reading scripts, adjusting materials and planning the year ahead. Let’s look at some of the progress.

We signed a deal with Parables TV Network on 2 inspirational films – “Figure in the Forest” and “Wicked Spring”. We will be doing a full PR release this week upon return of the final paperwork. I’m also waiting on release dates for “Heaven’s Neighbors” and “Figure in the Forest” with Image Entertainment.

As I noted elsewhere March is gonna be crazy with “Deadly Renovations” opening the Boarder to Boarder Film Festival in Arizona. “Benjamin” is playing the Long Island Film Festival on March 2nd. “Locked in a Room” releases domestically on March 7th with Echo Bridge Entertainment. On March 22nd “Darkest Night” will release. April 19th is the theatrical release of “Realizism” in Grand Rapids, MI.


I’m happy to announce that also in March I’ve signed a deal memo with One in a Million Pictures to co-star in their film “Somnium”. I will also be releasing more informational on that film as the production company releases it.

The “Ashes of Eden” project is now in editing full steam ahead. Audiences got an exciting sneak peek last week of the teaser trailer. It had thousands of hits in just hours and has been viewed around the world. We will be prepping Dennis Therrian to take on the post work. Also we are close to making an announcement on the next collaboration between Shane Hagedorn and I with our companies.

The editing on “Donors” should be closing up and that will also be coming here to Michigan for composing with the previously mentioned Dennis Therrian. We are also getting ready to send screeners around on “7 Stones”. CDI might be announcing some TV projects they are developing/producing and that will be exciting.

I may be missing something but I think I gave a good update. We have lots of development going on and I’ve had several people approach with acting offers so I’m also looking at those properties. I look forward to a great 2013 and I hope yours is also full of productive art and business.


“Green Goblin” and NEW “in associations” for CDI

The rain has been falling like crazy playing catch up for the poor crops here. The garden will surely drink all this up and we should have more harvest soon. We’ve been having a few tomatoes ripen here and there and so those are being enjoyed. We broke into the first bottle of the “Green Goblin” our fall harvest wine from last year made with green tomatoes and ginger root. It was a hit at our dinner party save for my mother. She’s picky – what can you say:) As I was told recently – at least I know where I get my brutal honesty.

I’m here to announce that CDI has entered into “an association” deal to develop and produce a feature film with local Lansing filmmaker Shane Hagedorn with his New House Entertainment. The working title is “Road to Eden” which may or may not remain – but we’ve been having all the foundation meetings to put key elements into play. This project will provide a chance for a mix of old CDI guard and new upcoming folks to work together. I will be producing and playing a role in the film. I was not expecting to dig on this one character as much as I did. Sometimes a character jumps off a page and right into your head. So we will be doing an official PR release this week but you heard it here first.

I also did a read on “Kinship of Death” the TV pilot to shoot after Thanksgiving and before Christmas in the Philippines. I was so surprised and really excited about bringing the character to life in that show. He is a cool antagonist and I think it will showcase a new side of me while also playing to my strengths. If network numbers are strong we will shoot an entire season early 2013. I hope to have some updates on “Darkest Night” here very soon for fans out there.

“Deadly Renovations” in 10 days – August 21st so get your copy on any of the various retail outlets. Blockbuster is one of the newest additions. I’m also hearing that an in-store signing will happen at THE HASTINGS video store in Yuma, AZ with director and producer. Here is a good interview I did last week that centers on “Deadly Renovations”.

Interview Link


“Locked in a Room” has isolated a distributor deal they like and are doing some back and forth to get all parties happy. It is a good company and will get a strong push. This will announce very soon so hang in there.

I’m hearing the wildly popular “Benjamin” has been invited to participate in another major festival –  29th annual LONG ISLAND FILM FESTIVAL. September 18, 2012 to September 29, 2012. Stay tuned….”7 Stones” is still in final post, “Donors” still in post – “Realizism” now in post – some good pics coming forth now. I still have had a little drama from certain members of that team but I’m trying to just write it off as just inexperience and leave it at that. These kids will find out that the world doesn’t owe them and everyone doesn’t always win. Things aren’t always  followed by juice boxes, cookies and pats on the head. A few of them I will likely see on film sets, maybe even ours – but more than most will realize the harsh truth that few will work in this industry of ours.

I still have the new draft of “The Beast” to read and another Philippine script with an acting offer attached. I also have some work to do on “Road to Eden” pre-prod. so I think I will draw this to a close and get back to some work. Thank you one and all for sharing your morning with me.