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Somnium, Casting Updates, LIAR Releases!

It was a crazy, busy week again but as the snow melts and the sun shines – I’m ready to get some projects done. I’ve been deep in my head creating and being the character Oliver in the upcoming “Somnium”. A mental patient with an Obi Wan sort of vibe to him. He befriends and guides the young antagonist who is thrust into the chaos. I’m in hopes that I can get my ticket booked this weekend so I can make my plans to cover the home front. It is a week jammed full of my scenes so I will be working it hard but that is not a problem. Let’s look at a few updates.

I’ve had a few submissions for the children actors we put a call out for on the http://www.cdiproductions.com website. I wanted to really see what Michigan has and if we cannot find who we require we will start to widen the search. So if you fit the breakdown let us see those reels. Project announcement in the weeks ahead.

– ‘Donors” is in the process of being brought over to Dennis Therrian for composing of music.

– “Locked in a Room” released nationally on the 7th and is flying up the charts. In Top 100 in 48 hours. It is a dark fun film and I think audiences will dig. On Google Play and You Tube VOD. Check it out!

–  Parables deal delivered and now in talks with more potential licensor over our library of films.

– This week a big announcement but the advance hint before PR is that it has to deal with our new CDI Television and it also deals with the only project I ever DIRECTED.

– ASHES OF EDEN will also be releasing a great behind the scenes featurette “Road to Eden” with up to now unseen footage. This will release within the next two weeks. Stay tuned! The film itself is looking great!

I’ve been given sides recently on an interesting project. Western and undead – hmm…I almost did a film like that a handful of years ago. I will look it over and they require a kick ass Sheriff – okay:) Can do.

Thanks to a purchase I now have a great new additional to the new FORT PERRY. My office has a Midway stand up video game with a bunch of classics. I nice mind relax when mulling over decisions. DEFENDER:) SINISTAR and many others – go childhood:) Lastly I’m nixing through a contract that would be a test run representation deal on film work. I will likely complete that this week and announce more on that when completed.

OK. Onto a day of getting stuff done. I hope you all Spring Ahead and follow those dreams.


Rock & Roses & Ashes of Eden

A beautiful Saturday for drinking coffee, eating some peanut butter toast and organizing my communications from the previous week. It was a week of many happenings – first it started with me finding out about the loss of one of my close friends and business mentors. It continued with some great meetings over “Ashes of Eden” which officially announced this week as well. It is a CDI associated film teaming with New House Entertainment and Ahptic Productions. We’ve been in the scheduling, key casting and crewing stage as well as locking locations. We’ve had some resume’s and reels coming forth and will be announcing some of the first attached cast very soon. I will be playing a supporting character named “Donnie” in the film and that led to a newer shorter haircut as I find the character within.

I see that the French film “Man in Wood” made an IMDB appearance and I hope to have some more details on that film in the weeks to come. On the acting subject – I had an actor who has been touching base over the last year or so contact me upon reading about our next film. I asked for a reel of his dramatic work and he responded by saying it was in the works. I looked back and saw that a previous message had that  same reel “in the works” from December 11th, 2011. Anyone who knows me or reads my blogs understands that REELS are the way we like to work. Show me your “game footage”!! – As talent myself, I hate “reads” and seldom do them. Sometimes a producer wants to see if you can play some nuance of a character that isn’t displayed in your reel. But if you’re out there saying “Why can’t I get any work” – yet your materials are lacking… SIMPLE – If you don’t have a reel you go to the back of the line. IF we watch EVERY reel link submitted for a character and cannot find the right actor we may go to cold reads. So I cite that as an example to help you all out there. Also a past associate messaged me with interest in a department – I said send over a resume. It has been 3-4 days and nothing yet. We are likely hiring that key position next week – so again not being ready will likely get you bumped. So if your career is lagging look first to your materials. Check your coverletters, resume, reels, websites…control what you can control.

This week also saw the national release of “Deadly Renovations” and I’m proud of the team. I had to give a notice to some of them stepping up on the stage with their art for the first time. See I’ve found that you NEVER will make everyone happy. Don’t try. Have a glass of red wine, fire up a steak and toast the success of job well done. There will always be a slew of unhappy actors not hired (check those materials:) ready to throw their frustrated opinions.  Also aspiring directors, producers and writers who so far cannot get their projects produced, script sold or what not. They often see someone else doing what they want and they see green and red. Jealousy and Frustration- a misplaced anger that can lead to troll activity. I say, ignore their frustration and count them amongst your fans. What is Lex Luthor without Superman? I’m just saying, don’t waste your time in a back and forth, defending your art. While someone is trying to rip down your deeds you are developing new projects. You’ll end up getting yet another leg up and those same folks unfortunately get even more jealous and frustrated. Vicious circle of negativity those people live within. I just wanted to awaken some of the team to the rocks that will get thrown along with the roses. That is how some get attention by going against the grain. “AVENGERS” – Hulk smashes Loki – “it was okay – I didn’t really dig how…” WRONG! Scene kicked ass:) Move on.  So I thank all of you that have sent roses and to the rock throwers – I sincerely hope to one day create something that you really like. If you find yourself spewing a pattern of hate, hate, hate…maybe it is your filter/eye and not so much the project. Just a thought…:)

We should have film festival dates soon for “Darkest Night” making its first non-distributor festival appearance in the USA. “Benjamin” looks to wow audiences in NYC again after its first festival showing. Distribution talks worldwide continue on these two projects and so they will find their way to audiences in the near future. “Donors” and “7 Stones” still in post-production and “Locked in a Room” is polishing up for distribution. There will be an official announcement on this in the coming weeks from At Risk Ent. CEO Larry Simmons.

I’m looking forward to making a few exciting announcements on a few biblical era films looking to follow-up on our very successful “Book of Ruth” film. Also looking for some good news on “Long Road Home” so stay tuned for that as well.

OK. I’m going to get back to my Saturday. I hope you all have a wonderful day.


“Green Goblin” and NEW “in associations” for CDI

The rain has been falling like crazy playing catch up for the poor crops here. The garden will surely drink all this up and we should have more harvest soon. We’ve been having a few tomatoes ripen here and there and so those are being enjoyed. We broke into the first bottle of the “Green Goblin” our fall harvest wine from last year made with green tomatoes and ginger root. It was a hit at our dinner party save for my mother. She’s picky – what can you say:) As I was told recently – at least I know where I get my brutal honesty.

I’m here to announce that CDI has entered into “an association” deal to develop and produce a feature film with local Lansing filmmaker Shane Hagedorn with his New House Entertainment. The working title is “Road to Eden” which may or may not remain – but we’ve been having all the foundation meetings to put key elements into play. This project will provide a chance for a mix of old CDI guard and new upcoming folks to work together. I will be producing and playing a role in the film. I was not expecting to dig on this one character as much as I did. Sometimes a character jumps off a page and right into your head. So we will be doing an official PR release this week but you heard it here first.

I also did a read on “Kinship of Death” the TV pilot to shoot after Thanksgiving and before Christmas in the Philippines. I was so surprised and really excited about bringing the character to life in that show. He is a cool antagonist and I think it will showcase a new side of me while also playing to my strengths. If network numbers are strong we will shoot an entire season early 2013. I hope to have some updates on “Darkest Night” here very soon for fans out there.

“Deadly Renovations” in 10 days – August 21st so get your copy on any of the various retail outlets. Blockbuster is one of the newest additions. I’m also hearing that an in-store signing will happen at THE HASTINGS video store in Yuma, AZ with director and producer. Here is a good interview I did last week that centers on “Deadly Renovations”.

Interview Link


“Locked in a Room” has isolated a distributor deal they like and are doing some back and forth to get all parties happy. It is a good company and will get a strong push. This will announce very soon so hang in there.

I’m hearing the wildly popular “Benjamin” has been invited to participate in another major festival –  29th annual LONG ISLAND FILM FESTIVAL. September 18, 2012 to September 29, 2012. Stay tuned….”7 Stones” is still in final post, “Donors” still in post – “Realizism” now in post – some good pics coming forth now. I still have had a little drama from certain members of that team but I’m trying to just write it off as just inexperience and leave it at that. These kids will find out that the world doesn’t owe them and everyone doesn’t always win. Things aren’t always  followed by juice boxes, cookies and pats on the head. A few of them I will likely see on film sets, maybe even ours – but more than most will realize the harsh truth that few will work in this industry of ours.

I still have the new draft of “The Beast” to read and another Philippine script with an acting offer attached. I also have some work to do on “Road to Eden” pre-prod. so I think I will draw this to a close and get back to some work. Thank you one and all for sharing your morning with me.


“Be real and get the deal”

Again I want to take this moment to thank of all you who take the time to read my blog and share it with those who are trying to make their way in this artistic industry of ours. It was one heck of a week and I will try to update folks on some of my adventures. I will say the garden is doing great save the fact our puppy decided to chew the garden hose in half. Today will be a day of getting the yard and garden cleaned up for Father’s day tomorrow. We are having him over and so with the exception of rain possible it should be a good day.

Last night I went to my 1st ever poetry reading. It was to see my girl read with several others in their group to honor their mentor. Mentors are very important in our business and working and getting advice from those who have lasted is so needed. I’ve talked before about some who want their 15 minutes of fame. I see social networking is full of LIKE this and LIKE that and people whose egos ride on a star meter or number of friends. None of this will be as helpful as seeking out those that have been there and done it. To get those gems of wisdom on how they got their foothold and the secrets to longevity. The power of the art will and should outshine the popularity contests at functions and now online. In casting we never look at number of friends or the often corrupt star-meters on IMDB. If you have little to no credits save glorified extra work and no reel to show do not expect to get treated like a star. Many of these massive mutual LIKE groups just come across as desperate computer hackers. Non-working actors who spend more time trying to find an easy path versus the real path of work hard to get the work. Followed by work that begets work. We use the database to show cast/crew lists to distributors but the once great database has lost so much credibility to real producers that it is kind of sad. So I say, focus on the work and the PR buzz comes second. Don’t be in the “Fake it to you make it” club as 99% of those folks will fail in their endeavors. “Be real and get the deal” that is the motto I would replace the previous with.

It was a very inviting reception in Saugatuck, MI for “7 Stones” which I’m very appreciative of. A welcome on the signs with my name was appreciated but a touch odd as I am only one of many great artists on that film. I was not blown away by the projection system but appreciative that it was donated. Also the film still needs some major audio mixing before it is sent to distributors but that is part of the learning curve for the new young company that CDI associated with. Overall I think my co-stars home town enjoyed the drama unfolding on-screen and I am proud of the product.

Early that same day the Philippine horror film “Darkest Night” played for a handful of distributors in Hollywood and more had screeners sent. We will see now where the offers come from but I think it was a success in that the interest is there. What deal is to be made is yet to be seen but I’ve heard that it gave some good exposure to some very talented Philippine actors/crew. I look forward to returning this fall for the launch of the theatrical run and in the Spring to shoot “The Beast”.

One of the best Bday gifts might be the funding of a film slate where I sit as a Production head with CDI there to help execute production. They chose a handful of properties to put on their slate and the first SOUL EATER could get full green light at month’s end. That would see MASON from “The 8th Plague” back in action in a prequel.

Dean Teaster’s next feature “Long Road Home” is also close to launching after a deal was put on the table for distribution. This Faith Drama will be a good next feature for Dean Teaster and I fully expect that to shoot late Summer/Early Fall if schedules allow.

A TV Division has been developing and we will soon be announcing some updates here. A couple of projects are in development and one series has Jeff Kennedy’s name all over it. He and I need to sit down and discuss so until I do I cannot put too much out there. All I can say it that it will be way cool and the path to production is clear.

I’m told we are closer to a start with the “Henry Ford” project as they attach the director. I would say that this directors is relatively well-known and worth the wait:) CDI is handling all the behind the scenes materials and so it will be a good project for me on both sides of the camera. I’m slated to play a major supporting character opposite an A-List talent that many will know. I’m looking forward to throwing down in this powerful drama.

I’ve got 4 directors and 1 producer call lined up for today so even while working about the Bluetooth will get some usage. My plan is to solidify these films so I can move out of the business phase and into what I feel I do best.  That is, bring the character to life! I’ve had some communications with folks this week about the SHOW vs the BIZ and how they intertwine with one another. It is a delicate balance but once you get that balance you will see more doors open.   I’m going to hop off here and get to my personal and work business. That is another balance that we all must achieve in our lives to be successful.

I want to thank Brother Max again for his sponsorship product. His hot sauces and BBQ sauces get much use and exposure at my various grill N chill meetings and personal hangs. So if you like natural ingredients in your sauces look at http://www.gourmetfoodandproducts.com/ .

Enjoy your weekend one and all!