“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Cast & Crew and MSU:)

What a great start to the fall with some leaves starting to slowly litter the ground. Tomorrow is the first of our soccer play offs and today we will be talking the dogs swimming again. Last week we did that and it was fun to see Luke (Our youngest furry son) swim for the first time. He did have to learn that you can’t smile and swim at the same time because you drink up water. He learned quickly and it was fun to see him try something new. The garden is continuing to give and it is so nice to have fresh veggies on a daily basis. The eggplants are growing and that will make for a future tasty treat. Let’s get onto some business updates shall we…

It has been an ever-growing stream of resume’s flowing into us for the production of “Bestseller”. This film is really shaping up to be what I believe to be a crown gem of a project. Casting and Crewing is underway and many are people who I’ve worked with our my keys have worked with. Again accountability is the name of the game when it comes to hiring. On a CDI project it is about keeping your drama for your momma unless it is on the screen.

Support departments are about filled and this week will focus on camera, G&E departments. We have our two camera operators filled between our DP and 2nd Camera. Also we are closing in on our final locations and I can say they are all beautiful. Michigan has so much to offer in the way of beauty. So I have been working character development also and I have a creative discussion with our director later in the day. A new website will keep you informed of updates and that is http://www.bestsellerthemovie.com

“Ashes of Eden” released its theatrical trailer and this week I’m excited to show a few of the distributors I work with. I think they will be very pleased and so as we move towards the finish line with this film I’m curious as to the future impact of this story.  I’m very proud of all the artists involved and again I think it will be a real feather in the cap for Michigan.

“Supermodel Showdown” gave a sneak peek to 3 different interested parties and all three were extremely positive. We may have a deal looming behind the completion of the 1st three shows. Seek out SUPERMODEL SHOWDOWN THE COSTA RICAN ADVENTURE on Facebook for some advance news on this project.

There are of course many other pieces moving on the chessboard but these are the major movers of the week. I’m still engaged in some studio story development on a project but the CON to all that is the time in development. Studio or Network projects can carry a nice payoff but also take 3-5 years of development whereas it can get shelved at anytime especially if your executives get replaced. But I’m learning quite a bit on their development process and just taking it as a learning process and not letting myself get too far ahead in my thinking.

Well I’m off to watch MSU for a few followed by that walk/swim with the dogs. I need to recharge the batteries for the countless hours this week on the phone, emails, editing suite.

Have a great weekend!



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