“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

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Week Wrap Up – Trailers, Festivals and Future Films


The hazelnut coffee is flowing and I’m ready to sit down with all of you for a few fine moments. On our way back last night from visiting our furry brown buddy at the MSU Animal Hospital, a LUGNUT baseball game was happening. The downtown was filled with people of all colors and nationalities. I remember noting how proud of the diversity of Lansing, Michigan. We’ve got our issues like everyone else with crime stemming from poverty and bad choices. But those differences are again what makes our lives so interesting. Just like various foods, clothes and customs – all add to the spectrum of our daily lives. From Northwestern Elementary school to Otto Middle to Sexton High to LCC and MSU – diversity. Embrace it.


One of the weekly highlights was the release of the 1st teaser trailer for “The Christ Slayer,” the third film in THE QUEST TRILOGY.  Read about it here and included within is the new trailer.


Chasing the Star just played Lanett City Film Festival and I hope the people there enjoyed the showing. We’ve got a few more big screen showings in the works. More on that once we get the deals done. The film releases to DVD on September 5th with Bridgestone Multimedia Group.

PRE-ORDER DVD – https://www.christianbook.com/chasing-the-star/9781945788239/pd/889043

Forty Nights continues to give audiences a look at the first film in the trilogy. I cannot wait until all three of the films can be watched together.

On the development note I have been working on the next three films in THE CONQUEST TRILOGY.

WILD FAITH – Our post Civil War western has lots of themes that I think need to be examined. The film is having VFX work done and music. We’ll likely finish the film at the end of the year and perhaps play for cast and crew before a 2018 theatrical followed by home video. I hope to release a behind the scenes sizzle and a poster soon. Here is the trailer in case you have missed it.

If you’ve an old school fan of CDI you really need to get the book written by David Hayes on CDI’s first film “Knight Chills” which is a cautionary tale on bullying.


BUY IT HERE – and feel free to leave a review.



Our meetings on M.B.F. are very productive. We have been reviewing actors for certain roles while working other logistics. We’re working to gather our business partners to travel with us on this powerful story that centers on our military vets and shelter dogs. I’ve been enjoying the layers of exploration as I discover the new role to be played. After taking on the roles of Jesus and bearded Mountain Man Ben Lily, this clean-shaven look is taking a moment to get use to.


I’m going to top off the coffee cup and do a few things around here. I did a major mow and trim on the yard which needed it. The garden is kicking out major tomatoes and beans but with Luke sick again the yard animals chewed into my one pumpkin. The HOPS are starting to come on and today I will cut the last of the rhubarb that will become wine with the mulberries. I also have another soccer battle today and we have everything crossed that our furry boy can come home from the hospital. We were on vacation the week before and to not have him home this week has been hard. We want the pack to be whole again.

Be good to one another. Until next week.




Saturday Thoughts & Film Updates

This Saturday seems clouded by vast sadness. It was so shocking for many  because it was young children and it happened in a place often devoid of crime. The fact is that ugly things happen everyday. I was just thinking about how so many people are connected by social media. It can be used positively but also can be like a collective poison well. I can recall during 9-11 how the news just became a constant flow of fear and negativity. Collectively we all have tragedy in our lives. More and more tragedy is now played out on public social media. I think it can start productive conversation and for those facing heavy issues they feel maybe not so alone. There is still no stopping tragedy as it is part of our life cycle. If you don’t think that some rice farmer with ruined crops born into a world of poverty can’t or hasn’t snapped. Someone deeply angry for being born into suffering versus someone born far away in a world of plenty. Someone angry for color of skin or being female in a society that looks upon them as 2nd rate human beings. I’ve found that true beauty often lies as far away from one another as we can get. We’re not usually beautiful people in our actions. More often we are self-serving, self-centric individuals who gravitate towards those who share our priorities and shun those not aligned with us.

With all this media we have to occasionally tune OUT versus tune IN. I recall how clearly I could think in the jungles of Costa Rica. It was devoid of a mental static that we rarely recognize as we walk through massive waves of electromagnetic energy. Swimming daily in media can be like taking a sewage bath. Moderation is my recommendation.

Movie updates…

OK. ASHES OF EDEN updates!

The audio and visuals are being married and some first initial cutting has started. We are in talks on creative post and look forward to the weeks ahead. Watch for many updates concerning this powerful film. Also some talks on the next collaborations so stay tuned!

Two of our films are going to TV networks (Wait for press releases)- the cloned masters are being made. We are also awaiting national domestic release dates on two films. These are unrelated to “Darkest Night” (March 22), “Locked in a Room” (announced soon). “7 Stones” had 1st TV play on Michigan TV. “Benjamin” just had two showings in Cairo, Egypt! More releases to be announced!

We have several projects in development moving down the line. I plan to have some good announcements for 2013!

Be good to one another!