“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

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Humanity Net, Updates and Reflections of the Time


Good morning everyone! It has been a very interesting week. I will start by saying I am at least in part a person who enjoys ‘alone’ time. I always say the brainstorms and excitement comes in those meetings with friends and peers. But what really matters is when we are alone what happens. I’m like a multi-tasking little bee moving from one task to the next. Some people shut down once they have nobody there but I ramp up. In my solo days when struggling more in the industry I was a workaholic. I had family and friends worried and plenty of doubters and haters from the masses. I’m a fully committed artist and feel ‘best’ is subjective so I always strive for truth and unique. Those are things I can control. There is a secret there. Don’t be driven crazy fixated on what you cannot control. Work with what you can control. I’ve been behind on my emails and business since we shot LOST HEART. I’m using this time to really organize everything. This goes for the office also. I’ve got sheets of new ideas to implement in the coming years. So how you spend or waste your time is under your control. As it gets warmer the yard zen will be in full effect. PS: Welcome new readers from Japan, Bulgaria and Australia – cheers. So my point is you can spend vast amounts of time plugged into the 24/7 update machine or put some music on and get stuff done. If you spend this time organizing, planning and prepping when the fog lifts some will be relieved and some will be ready. I promise you I will be ready. I urge all of you to do the same. You can check in morning, noon and night if need be but don’t live the agenda of fear and pause. Let this situation make you afraid not to live.


This self imposed isolation marks an interesting place for an observer like myself. This marks a time when the value of life is being placed above the economics. Economics aren’t removed because the crippling financial effects would have happened slowly out of control. By halting certain businesses the action is controlled and damage can be mitigated but not removed.


This points out an interesting point – people in authority are expected to bring about certain changes but they are expected to do so flawless – impossible. Every transition will and does have casualties.  How do you fix a situation? It’s a classic Star Trek moment – the engine room is on fire and going to destroy the ship. Spock contains and changes but at a great personal loss. Many world problems don’t have clean solutions and that creates ongoing suffering. I often refer to HUMANITY NET – what we all require regardless of anything else about us. Clean water, food and air – healthcare? These world issues are giving us as humanity a test run. World cooperation is underway, not without flaws but what is? Expectations? I remember feeling bad after 9-11 as reporters hammered the FBI, asking if they dropping the ball. Like watching the end zone pass dropped and keep asking if they dropped the catch. You know they did. Why keep asking silly questions? So as many deal with this for the first time – it isn’t flawless but people are trying and working very hard. We can come out of this better as humanity. I see glimpses just behind the tee-pee hoarders greed and the “must add politics” to everything. We will see.


  • First here is a bunch of teaser trailers and behind the scenes videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtJJRsD49k5DsNq11BD_40g
  • Tomorrow I’m doing an interview with Isaac Hernadez about CDI and our scripts/films.
  • I heard word that the India thriller “Karma: Crime, Passion and Reincarnation” is coming to USA streaming. Stars Carl Weyant from “The Christ Slayer” and maybe that DJ Perry guy:)
  • I’m trying to arrange a few watch parties of CDI films that will have a Q&A session after. We will see as I must talk with our computer folk.
  • I’ve got two different people talking about hiring some script work we’ll see – either way writing is happening.
  • Good meetings last week on ‘Best Years Gone’ and we’ll be announcing our Director of Photography this week. Looking forward to working with this person again!
  • Thank you to all for the fan mail on The Quest Trilogy, MBF, Wild Faith it truly makes my day. You all make my day and it keeps me moving forward.
  •  We are working on some new exciting releases and merchandise for 2020.

Alien Hunters

It is still chilly here in Michigan but I will be getting stuff done on this fine day. If you know some people sitting at home who might want to join our weekly time together – http://www.djperryblog.com

My closing statement is this – as much as I appreciate my solo time and get lots accomplished in those moments-  I’m missing my family, friends and associates and I look forward to meeting with all of you soon. Use this “social fast” time to organize yourself.

Be safe.





A good week of work both professionally and personally and now a long weekend to enjoy. On the personal it was mainly prepping the garden for planting this weekend. Once again it was done by hand and while hard work it does really ground and connect you to the task. I’ve also been reading a 1970’s wine making book I got at a sale for 10 cents and it has been very enlightening. I think a batch of beer might be the next endeavor of that sort. On the professional side many good things are also developing. I will try to give a nice little recap so get your coffee close and take a read.

I did a producers watch on “Darkest Night” and I was extremely happy. If you like the films like PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, THE 4th KIND and the “found footage” genre of horror – you will love this film. It is unique and truly frightening. We are having a distributors screening on June 13th at Dick Clark Productions in L.A. and we have several RSVP’s and additional send outs. I think this film could do very well in a wide theater release but with the ongoing struggle we will see what level of attention it gets. Development work on the follow-up film “The Beast” will start heavy following the June 13th showing. Also there is whispers that they might want to fly me back to Manila for the theatrical kick off this fall.

Same day that night in Saugatuck, Michigan the powerful drama “7 Stones” is playing an event. Michigan folks wishing to attend can buy tickets at http://www.3rdcoastfilm.com  we have had two previous “in-progress” showings to collect notes and this showing should reflect the finished product. It is one of 5 CDI associated projects coming out now.

Aug. 7th is the domestic release of another CDI associated film “Deadly Renovations” and the early artwork looks good. I’m excited for everyone involved with this project. “Donors” a new associated project with fellow producer Charles P. in Yuma, AZ should have a 1st look trailer very soon. New announcements should be coming on this and other projects in the coming weeks.

July will also be the month we really start targeting other distribution for “Locked in a Room” and I can see some additional theatricals in the near future.

I had meetings this past week with some potential clients for our CDI Commercial Division set up by one of our sales reps Mr. Jeff Watson. I think that division is really about to start exploding so I will be looking for other sales reps to work other markets for us.

I had a good meeting with our in-house attorney on clearing up some of the outstanding matters within CDI. By this I mean collections and it is unfortunate that he has to deal with that side of the coin vs some of the exciting new development people making their way to THE TRIBE!

The hosting site for my actors reel page is going down so I’m looking at a new set up for all that. (Thank you Dennis Therrian for your help here)  Technology is evolving and we have to evolve with it. Our technology is so beyond the old computers I grew up on. Communication via email and such has its positives and negatives. I often see where people read into communications meaning that really isn’t there. It is a source problem. Your own mindset can influence what you read. If something is unclear I always like to clarify. It is the whole water being half full or half empty situation. Communication is key. If you don’t or can’t communicate with your circle taking on projects such as filmmaking can become impossible. I’ve had several talks with other producers on management of people on upcoming films. It is truly a thing of beauty when you see a full film crew operating as one whole. Insecurity of being overlooked, lack of respect for others and/or fear of failure can drive people away from the beauty of oneness. Hence the TRIBE. At the core is the elimination of selfish wants and focusing on collective good. I honestly, sincerely and wholeheartedly try to give and bring out the best in people. I think that is hard for people to truly believe because of the world we live in. Our industry can focus in on the negatives if an individual doesn’t embrace their unique nature and have a sense of fate or destiny. One is internal and one is external but both can bring us to a place and time that we were meant to be at. I think almost all my projects have been like that. I don’t lament the projects I don’t get because I wasn’t meant to. I don’t credit random luck to those projects I get either because I believe artists/storytellers are brought together. Call it MUMBO JUMBO or whatever you will but as I’ve written before, we all have a personal mythology. Bottom line is know you are unique and that you do have a purpose. You have to journey to get where you must go and that requires faith and courage.

UNIQUE, PURPOSE, FAITH, COURAGE – is there anything greater within us than these things?

Be an example – have the faith and the courage to be unique and follow your purpose. If you are a storyteller than commit to that and inspire others to do the same.

I will leave us all with that. Have a great weekend and be safe.