“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

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The Way of the Warrior

The last couple weeks have been an uphill march but I’m seeing the lush land beyond. Often we suffer the setbacks of our own expectations. Even more often it is our inability to see the full picture. Also having issues outside our control is another trigger for some people. I do say that if you don’t have ego armor and a constitution of steel Entertainment might not be the business for you. Now I did not say hobby as I know many people with the 9-5 who act at the community theater, dink with filmmaking or play music for fun, but as a full-blown business takes so much more. I’ve also noted that when the march is on and strong folks push to walk shoulder to shoulder with you but if things turn on you many will seek a distance. With this they are only too eager to return again when things look good. It is the character of people that counts. I don’t judge that character in times of bounty but in drought. I always like the idea of George Washington with his soldiers at Valley Forge. No shoes, food, tired, home sick…sounds like a team after a long post-production:) I think much of my success has been built upon failures. You learn from experience and put these new approaches into action. I am a warrior. Some know of my martial arts background which I no longer wear on my sleeve. To me it is a way of life, of thinking or being. I’ve got some seasoned warriors and I’ve got some new enthusiastic warriors that have joined the march. I try to lead by example and I’m happy when I see others take to this example. My path is the way of the business artist not one to being a celebrity. If the work is celebrated by others which it has been, great. Do not seek fame for fame sake would be my advice to many out there. It is a false power given by others and can be taken away as easily as given. The artistic spring a warrior draws from relies not upon anyones granting of fame.

OK. Onto some updates…

– Yesterday and today associates of mine on projects of mutual interest are being discussed and deals made. I’m excited to see how things evolve the next week in the wake of these meetings.

– A theatrical showcase of CDI films may be soon put into play with an Arts Council showing the evolution of films.

– CDI will soon have some announcements about a WEB/TV Division of CDI that will include a few pilot projects.

– “Donor” trailer should be arriving in the near future.

– “Darkest Night” is setting up for a L.A. screening for distributors late May and already we have interested parties coming to the table. Also we are in development on our 2nd associated film with GPI “The Beast”.

– “Deadly Renovations” has officially announced August 7th as our domestic DVD release date. VOD?PPV may be same day or slightly thereafter. Also new foreign sales path under way with a larger sales rep. More soon!

– Development continues on several fronts and we are gaining traction.

– “Locked in a Room” EMBRACE THE MADNESS! A May 3rd screening in Canton, MI is being set up and final editing tweaks are being made. This film from an earlier work cut reminds me if FEAR & LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS, MEMENTO and SAW had a baby:)

Other than all that I’ve been approached about another faith-film and I think I’ve got a few of those in my near future. I’ve been working with Ray (Book of Ruth) and we are close to launching a few new films there as well. Today it is a trip up North for family Bday celebration and just getting ready for a new week ahead. Things could go from ZERO to 60 real fast pending a few of these weekend meetings underway. I’m excited to share more on all that but patience must be had by all.

Keep up the good fight artistic warriors and have a great weekend!


CDI’s New Marketing Division & 2012 Scheduling!

I’m sipping the coffee on this quiet 2012 morning and feeling good about the new year. I did start back in on Tuesday and was just slammed with things to do as I think many people are eager to start the new year right. I think I was a little over-excited with how fast I hit the work. Many folks will still be out until end of next week but I’m getting done what I can. The holidays were wonderful and it was topped off by the great Michigan State Football Bowl win. Now if the Lions can push on things could be just peachy.

I’ve got so many things in motion right now. I’m really trying to get my first of the year schedule in place. Now when I say that it takes many forms – acting, producing and writing. I’ve taken the time to set my goals and now the steady walk towards them begins.

First thing solid on the schedule seems to be the World Premiere of “7 Stones” at the end of the month. I think this is just VIP cast/crew and their family members. I have not been actively involved in the post on this project but I’ve heard the footage looks amazing. So I guess we will all be excited to see just how the story unfolds.

I also talked with “Locked in a Room” director Larry Simmons and they are looking at a possible March showing. He also discussed what is in store next with his company and once again it sounds exciting. I also talked with “Benjamin” director Jon Osman and things are looking very good over there in NYC. We might have a festival showing or two and we’ve started some talks with distributors. On that note – we also start the first round of negotiation talks with a distributor on “Outside the Wire” this week. We have several theatrical showings already planned and so it will be a good year for this project. Last week the post team on “Darkest Night” started to work on the theatrical edit. Lots of good footage that has to be cut down for runtime so I don’t envy that job.

Development continues on our slate of films and I think 2012 will see a couple of films go into production. I also read in Variety about my good friends at SplitVision Entertainment moving ahead with a slate of projects. It is so cool to see friends all moving along the path in our career field. I think it will be a good year for many of us. You have to learn to look at what did go good in a year and not just the setbacks. Also the key is to not drag any negativity from past setbacks into the new garden of opportunity. I see that quite often from others and it’s exactly what will poison a new venture. My advice – Don’t carry that kind of negative energy forward. Sometimes the success we seek is right around the corner.

I’ve got a script or two to still read and one I want to re-read to get a better take on it all. Like I said, scheduling becomes one of the big factors now. I’ve also been doing a little script writing and that is always fun.

Lastly, our production company CDI has opened a new division that centers on marketing. We work via The PRNewswire services and can show you how your film, product or service can reach 100+million exposure points. Your news can be seen on the Vegas strip, New York Time Square and thousands of news portals. Feel free to contact us if you would like additional information.


I’m going to top off my coffee and get to a little bit of work today.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend.